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기관 주한미국대사관(서울) 
프로그램 주한미국대사관(서울) Purchasing Agent 채용(~6.27) 
마감날짜 2024-06-27 
채용/마감 알림 마감 


Purchasing Agent - All Interested Applicants

The work schedule for this position is: Full Time (40 hours per week) Start date: Candidate must be able to begin working within a reasonable period of time (4 weeks) of receipt of agency authorization and/or clearances/certifications or their candidacy may end.
Salary:(KRW) ₩53,802,623/Per Year
Series/Grade:LE - 0810 - 7
Agency:Embassy Seoul
Position Info:
Location:Seoul, KS
Close Date:



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