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기관 Overseas Government Tourist Office(서울) 
프로그램 Overseas Government Tourist Office(서울) PR & Social Media Assistant Manager 채용 
채용/마감 알림 채용시 마감 


[Overseas Government Tourist Office]PR & Social Media Assistant Manager_UrgentUrgent

Job Description

Job Description
We are seeking a highly organized and hands on PR & social media assistant manager to cover up maternity leave for 1 year (extension or transition to full time hiring maybe possible upon work evaluation and performance and needs from Mininistry of Tourism). 

The position and title will commensurate based on past experiences. The assistant manager will assist and oversee execution of promotion projects via official government tourist office’s digital platforms to enrich visitors travel experiences and create business opportunities as well as assist with administrative work. 

[Key Roles & Responsibilities]

(1) PR & Social Media Platforms Management 

Assist digital platform (s) implementation from planning, collecting requirements, monitoring & maintaining after platform(s) launch along with global PR and social media managers (Instagram, Naver Blog etc.) 
Help oversee social media channels to expand brand presence and coverage.  
Draft unique and trendy contents (and, or) edit contents sent from global office including translating materials from English to Korean  
Draft PR coverage report 
Support media PR activities including press releases, news clipping, news letters 

(2) Administrative Work

Handle general administrative tasks such as: 
- Coordinating meetings/appointments, typing, ordering/maintaining supplies, processing work orders and invoices/expense report, preparing to send and/or sorting parcels.
- Accounting, creating working orders, dealing with quotations, invoices, drafting monthly financial reports  
- Collect data, cooperating with marketing/PR planning 
- Answer overflow calls and take messages when required.
- Contents translation. (English to Korean, Korean to English)
- Any Ad hoc work issues 


Job Requirements

Job Requirements
[Basic Requirements]
Experience: 3-6 years proven experience in social media, online marketing and PR industry, preferably in business development, hospitality or other fields involving diverse client interactions.
Customer-Centric Focus: Ability to build and sustain trade partner relationships through excellent customer service.
Bilingual: Fluent in both English and Korean
Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and discretion.
Interpersonal Skills: Strong interpersonal skills necessary to work well within a team structure and interface closely with global offices.
Skill-sets: Detail-oriented, strong organizational and time management skills

Additional Information
커리어수준 대리.과장. 최소 3년이상
급여사항면접 후 협의


Additional Information

  • 커리어수준대리.과장.5년 이상
  • 급여사항면접 후 협의
  • 고용형태정규직
  • 경력여부경력

Guidelines for Applicants

  • 전형방법

    1차 서류전형
    2차 면접전형

  • 제출서류

    1. 영문이력서, 영문소개서 (모든 서류는 반드시DOC and PDF로 제출)
    2. 각종 증빙서류는 서류전형합격자에 한해 추후 제출 요청

  • 접수방법
  • 마감일
  • 채용담당
  • 블라인드 되었습니다.

The Others


1. 문의사항은 E-mail ( 로 문의바랍니다.
2. 전화 문의는 받지 않음을 양해 부탁 드립니다.
3. 면접은 서류전형 합격자에게만 개별통지 합니다.
4. 입사지원서 내용에 허위사실이 판명될 경우 입사가 취소될 수 있습니다.
5. 제출하신 서류는 반환하지 않습니다.


Company Information

Overseas Government Tourism Office in Seoul 외국계기업
서울시 종로구 인사동5길 25 하나로빌딩 1011호

이스라엘 정부 관광부의 서울사무소로, 이스라엘 관광을 홍보하는 업무를 담당하고 있습니다.





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