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기관 WWF(세계자연기금)(서울) 
프로그램 Conservation Director 채용 
마감날짜 2020-03-31 


WWF(세계자연기금)(서울) Conservation Director 채용


[채용] Conservation Director

Posted on 02 March 2020   |  

Department Goals

  • Advocate WWF’s mission, Global Goals(Climate & Energy, Food, Forests, Freshwater, Oceans, Wildlife) and Korea’s focus areas leveraging Drivers(Finance, Governance, Markets)
  • Plan and execute the conservation programmes and projects in Korea and elsewhere funded by WWF-Korea aligned with global goals and strategy.
  • Manage capacity, competencies, and work results with accountable leadership.
  • Communicate the conservation programmes with both internal and external.

Major Functions of the Position

  1. Works under the supervision of WWF-Korea Executive Director
  2. Lead and manage Korea national office conservation programmes
  3. Responsible to secure the fundraising from public, private sectors and network offices
  4. Supervise conservation managers, and manage staffs to ensure the highest level of accountability
  5. Manage capacity and competency of conservation and partnership department including hiring and training
  6. Report to the Executive Director as a member of the Senior Management Team
  7. Lead the development and implementation of a high impact conservation programme
  8. Identify and oversee strategic conservation programmes in Korea and projects that WWF-Korea funds in the WWF Network
  9. Ensure that all WWF-Korea initiatives contribute to and are aligned with WWF’s global goals

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

Conservation Programme :

  1. Provide strategic direction to all WWF-Korea conservation programmes
  2. Lead and manage the Department to ensure clear prioritisation of Goals and Drivers Practices, in line with WWF-Korea’s conservation strategy
  3. Manage the conservation strategy adaptively
  4. Lead internal collaboration to secure alignment with conservation programmes, partnerships, communications, fundraising and the global WWF Practices
  5. Ensure that all WWF-Korea advocacy, communications, messaging and outreach are underpinned by science
  6. Engage with the WWF Network to get the latest data, priorities and initiatives
  7. Monitor the progress and report on a pipeline of grant programmes/projects that are funded by WWF-Korea
  8. Work with WWF teams in the region to identify and contribute to key projects through conceptualization and co-design with the aim of delivering high impact outcomes
  9. Build and manage effective partnerships with key stakeholders including government, corporate, financial, and civil society sectors in order to achieve strategic outcomes
  10. Act as a WWF spokesperson on conservation programme issues with media
  11. Design the growth, development of conservation programmes aligned with the strategy

As a member of Senior Management Team

  1. Introduce WWF conservation programmes to new joiners, companies, schools and NGOs
  2. Discuss office operational matters, policies and actions
  3. Determine causes of issues and resolve issues promptly based on SMT’s collaborated discussions

Qualification & Experience

Required Qualifications:

  1. Minimum 20 years of professional experience with Bachelor’s degree or Minimum 15 years of it with Master’s or PhD
  2. Minimum of 5 years in a leadership and management position or Executives working experience
  3. Experience in project management with profit and loss responsibility
  4. Experience in working with governments
  5. Knowledge of sustainability and conservation related issue (e.g. climate/footprint, biodiversity)
  6. Planning the strategy and programmes skills with flexible insight, specialized understanding of business and global issue.
  7. Written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills in English and Korean
  8. Ability to work as a spoke person of organization with technical skills
  9. Ability to present or write knowledgeable documents with logical insights
  10. Ability to an entrepreneurial approach to engaging government, international organizations and stakeholders
  11. An attitude of connection, solution-oriented, and fast learning
  12. Adheres to the WWF mission, as well LIVES the WWF Values: Engaging, Optimistic, Determined, Knowledgeable by demonstrating WWF behaviors in way of working: Strive for Impact, Listen Deeply, Collaborate Openly, Innovate Fearlessly

Required Skills and Competencies:

  1. Understanding of, and experience in championing and communicating, the benefits of nature and conservation to people and society
  2. Experience in working with collaborative, client, and other relevant organizations
  3. Experience in designing and leading marketing or communication programmes
  4. Experience in specific environment conservation or climate change related programmes
  5. Experience in leading and/or implementing international policy advocacy, inter-governmental programmes and projects.
  6. Experience in managing relationship with executives or high level officers in corporate and governments
  7. Experience in corporate and government engagement, coupled with experience of influencing policy and practice in governments and/or corporates in the fields of conservation and natural resource management
  8. PhD or Master’s in policy, politics, economics, finance, environmental science, ecology, sustainability, other natural/social sciences or related fields

Working Relationships

Works closely with Executive Director’s supervision, peer directors, lead conservation and partnership team, collaborate with marketing, communication, fundraising, finance and operations Team, Work with Global Conservation Director and the global community of Conservations Directors
Works with governments, public organizations, private corporate, civil societies, subject matter experts and domestic influencers
Type of contract

  • Opened term (following 3 months probationary period)

How to apply?

If you would like to learn more & soon join our team, please send us your application by email to including a letter of motivation in English & resume in Korean with 2 reference contacts.
Please use the subject line to indicate which position you are applying for.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
Many thanks for your interest in WWF-Korea & this opportunity.
Please do not put your resident registration number in any application documents specified above. In case any certificate includes your resident registration number, please make sure to conceal the number not to be exposed resident registration number.
Deadline for applications: Mar. 2th, 2020 – Mar. 31th, 2020


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