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기관 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) 
프로그램 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) Associative Life Focal Point 채용 
마감날짜 2020-06-28 


MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) Associative Life Focal Point 채용


Associative Life Focal Point



Associative Life Focal Point (16 hours a week)

Reports to: 

General Director

Recruitment Periods: 

2020.06.08 ~ 2020.06.28

Start date: 





MSF operates as an association. An association is « a group of people who have a common purpose or interest, other than for-profit ». At MSF, this common goal is MSF’s social mission, specifically providing medical aid to populations in distress and raising awareness through 'témoignage’. This means MSF acts as a witness and will speak out, either in private or in public, about the plight of populations in danger for whom we work. The association, through its members and associative body, is also responsible for defining the direction of MSF’s actions and checking its adequacy with the social mission it has set itself as well as with its founding principles defined in the Charter, the principles of Chantilly and the La Mancha agreement. The associative nature is inherent to MSF; it is a pillar of the organisation. Truly, MSF has been formed by members who, for nearly 50 years, have given their time and energy, have shared their ideas, their skills and experience, and have expressed their opinion through the various associative channels.

MSF Korea is not recognized as a formal association of the MSF Movement and therefore is currently not an institutional member of MSF International.



The associative life focal point assists the General Director and the President of MSF Korea for the delivery of the association objectives as defined in the MSF Korea Plan of Action, the Strategic Plan and the road map for the association.

She/He provides an administrative and logistic support to matters related to the development of the associative dynamic/life in Korea,  supports the connection of MSF people in Korea by providing regular information on the matters related to the social mission of MSF and is responsible of building a network of MSF people who want to play an active role in discussing MSF’s action and in rooting MSF in home society.



Under the supervision of General Director, the associative life focal point; 

  1.  Supports and sustains the development of an associative dynamic in Korea
    • Follows and supports the development of associative dynamic/life of MSF Korea’s according to the Plan of Action, Strategic Plan and Associative Road Map validated by the executive of OCG (mother section of MSF Korea)
    • Provides briefing to newcomers to help understand the associative spirit of MSF and the global MSF Governance (awareness and understanding of MSF) 
    • Shares information on the activities and encourages an active engagement of members in existing associations through various outlets including digital channels 
    • Compile relevant information related to the MSFK associative life to be included in the executive e-newsletters of MSF Korea
    • Supports the engagement of MSFers on humanitarian topics and debates carried by the recognized Associations in the MSF Movement, in coordination with the President or Board, the General Director of MSF Korea and the Association Team based in Geneva 
    • Responsible for building a network of MSFers in Korea who want to play an active role in debating MSF action and in rooting MSF in home society
    • Logistically responsible for organizing the General Assembly and the Board Meetings of MSF Korea
    • Organizes and takes minutes in a Wannabe Committee, Wannabe Meeting and support the organisation of webinars related to the MSF’s associative life and humanitarian topics
  2.  Being the Focal point for the MSF Korea associative life
    • Administers the data base of potential and particpants of the MSFK associative life in close relation with HR department by complying to PIPA
    • Acts as a focal point to respond to associative requests from MSFers in Korea includuing field workers and office employees 
    • Works closely with the Association team of OCG in Geneva and maintains links with the Association team in Japan



  1.  Essential Skills and Experience
    • Demonstrated ability and experience to support projects and interact with groups of people in an inclusive manner
    • Commitment to MSF and its humanitarian principles
    • Organizational skills (administrative and logistic support)
    • Written and oral communication skills (Korean / English)
    • Positive attitude and able to motivate MSFers to be involved in Associative activities (Persuasive skills)
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Effective computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point)
    • Available to participate to meetings in the evening mainly by VC (weekdays) and occasionally during weekends 
    • Flexibility
  2.  Desirable Skills and Experience
    • MSF Field experience or experience in a similar organization
    • Previous experience in an international organization / corporation
    • Experience in association in Korea with domestic or international organization
    • Working in an international setting



  • If you are interested in this position, please send your motivation letter and CV in English to HR Department at: 
  • Application Deadline: June 28, 2020
  • We will contact the selected candidate after the application deadline date within 2 weeks.







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11732 2020.07.19 UN DP0(평화작전국)(뉴욕) PROGRAMME OFFICER, P3 채용 2020-08-15 
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11726 2020.07.17 (투자) GCF(인천) Climate Investment Officer 채용 2020-08-16 
11725 2020.07.17 AfDB(아프리카개발은행) Principal Water Resources Management and Development Officer 채용 2020-08-13 
11724 2020.07.17 IRENA(국제재생에너지기구) (초급) Associate Programme Officer– Modelling the Global Energy Transition, P-2 채용 2020-07-29 
11723 2020.07.17 (사회) ADB(아시아개발은행) Social Sector Specialist 채용 2020-07-29 
11722 2020.07.16 (한국인) UNV전문봉사단 유엔인구기금(UNFPA) Programme Analyst – Youth, Peace and Security 채용 file 2020-07-28 
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11719 2020.07.16 IRENA(국제재생에너지기구) (초급) Associate Programme Officer – Resource Assessment Potential, P-2 채용 2020-07-29 
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11707 2020.07.13 (커뮤니케이션.미디어) APEC(싱가포르) Community Manager 채용 2020-08-05 
11706 2020.07.13 IRENA(국제재생에너지기구) Programme Officer - Governance Support Office, P-3 채용 2020-07-28