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기관 ILO(국제노동기구) 
프로그램 ILO(국제노동기구) Project Officer, P-3 채용 
마감날짜 2020-06-19 


ILO(국제노동기구) Project Officer, P-3 채용


Project Officer



Grade: P3

Vacancy no.: DC/KATHMANDU/P/2020/01
Publication date: 08/06/2020
Application deadline (midnight Geneva time): 19/06/2020


Job ID: 3828 
Department:  RO-Asia and the Pacific
Organization Unit: CO-Kathmandu

Location: Kathmandu,Nepal
Contract type: Fixed Term 

Contract duration: 1 year 


Under article 4.2, paragraph (e) of the Staff Regulations, the filling of vacancies in technical cooperation projects does not fall under Annex I of the Staff Regulations and is made by direct selection by the Director-General.


In order to support the best informed process in the filling of the present vacancy by direct selection, the ILO invites interested candidates to submit their candidature online by the above date.


Technical cooperation appointments are not expected to lead to a career in the ILO and they do not carry any expectation of renewal or conversion to any other type of appointment in the Organization. A one-year fixed-term contract will be given. Extensions of technical cooperation contracts are subject to various elements including the following: availability of funds, continuing need of the functions and satisfactory conduct and performance.


The following are eligible to apply:

  • ILO Internal candidates in accordance with paragraphs 31 and 32 of Annex I of the Staff Regulations.
  • External candidates.


The ILO is one of the implementing partners of two initiatives in the area of social protection, namely the EU funded Program “Improving synergies between social protection and public finance management” (2020-2022) and the Project “Development of a Social Protection Outlook for Asia and Pacific”            


EU/ILO/UNICEF Project on social protection and public finance management in Nepal

The Project “Improving synergies between social protection and public finance management” (hereafter  PFM4SP Programme ) aims to promote synergies between the development of social protection system and the ongoing Public Financial Management Reforms. The project aims to support the government to accelerate and expand the on-going social protection interventions by organizing and building upon the country’s existing social protection programmes to cover the most excluded, so that the vulnerabilities of the population are adequately addressed. The Project will be jointly implemented by ILO and UNICEF, in close collaboration with the EU Delegation in Kathmandu.  


SSN Project and the COVID-19 response

The Project focus on the development of the Regional Social Outlook for Asia and Pacific 2020 (focus on Social Protection) in collaboration with UN ESCAP. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Project scope was widened in agreement with the donor to include also a component related with the role of social protection in the response and recovery to COVID-19. This component will focus on the development of Regional Briefs (in collaboration with UN IBC) and support to ILO COs in the development of COVID-19 social protection related policy response papers.


The Project Officer will support the implementation of the PFM4SP Programme and the implementation of the SSN Project, including its COVID-19 response component. The position will be based in CO-Kathmandu once international travel restrictions have been lifted. Until then, the work will be delivered through teleworking.

Reporting lines

The Project Officer will work under the supervision of the Director of CO-Kathmandu. With regard to the delivery of activities related with the SSN Project, the Project Officer will be supervised by the Senior Social Protection Specialist of the Decent Work Technical Support Team for East and Sout-East Asia and the Pacific (DWT/CO-Bangkok) in coordination with the Director of the Decent Work Technical Team for South Asia (DWT/CO-New Delhi). Technical backstopping will be provided by the Senior Social Protection Specialists of DWT/CO-Bangkok and DWT/CO-New Delhi and by the Chief Technical Adviser of the PFM4SP Programme based in the Social Protection Department (SOCPRO) in ILO headquarters. Technical inputs and support will also be provided by other colleagues in SOCPRO.

Description of Duties

  1. Develop Policy Briefs on potential social protection measures in order to address the impact of the current pandemic; identify the opportunities created by the current situation  to strengthen social protection systems and schemes and communicate with Governments and Socials partners for necessary changes in policies/programmes and related laws/regulations;
  2. Collaborate with the ILO Senior Social Protection Specialists in the provision of technical advice and support to project staff and national partners in social protection topics;
  3. Conduct research and integrate technical inputs for regional and country analyses, reports and publications related to the SSN Project; 
  4. Prepare training materials and conduct seminars and workshop, including events in Nepal and those related with the Regional Social Outlook and the COVID-19 response;
  5. Under the guidance of the Directors of CO-Kathmandu, DWT/CO-Bangkok and DWT/CO-New Delhi, and the Senior Social Protection Specialist, maintain close liaison with governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, UN organizations, non-governmental organizations on a broad range of country programmes and projects.  Maintain working contacts and collaboration with multi-lateral and bilateral donor agencies and prepare proposals for funding; and
  6. Promote ILO social protection policies in the related technical areas of the programmes in line with the relevant International Labour Standards.


Specifically in relation to the PFM4SP Programme:

  1. Familiarise with social protection stakeholders including the social partners, major development partners working in the areas of social protection, the major policy/programme initiatives in Nepal and the EU-funded ILO-UNICEF joint project on social protection and public finance management (PFM4SP Programme);
  2. Represent the ILO in Social Protection Task Team of Donors;
  3. Under the supervision of the Director, ensure the effective management, timely implementation and reporting on activities and budget assigned to ILO in the PFM4SP Programme and provide technical advice to partners in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project’s activities, in coordination with the ILO Office and HQ.
  4. In coordination with UNICEF, take responsibility for the communication and visibility activities of the project activities;
  5. Coordinate closely, promote linkages and share best practices and lessons learnt with other relevant ILO projects in the region, ILO units and external stakeholders; and 
  6. Carry out other duties as may be assigned under the project.


Required qualifications


Advanced University degree in economics, social sciences, law or other relevant fields, with demonstrated expertise on social protection issues. An additional two years of relevant professional experience beyond the minimum required experience may be considered in lieu of Advanced University degree.  


At least five years of relevant professional experience and at least three years at the international level in providing technical advisory services in the area of social protection and managing technical cooperation projects.


Excellent command of English is required including ability to draft quickly and clearly.


  • Ability to participate effectively in technical missions and multi-disciplinary teams;
  • Ability to provide technical advice and to guide and coordinate the work of external collaborators, general service staff and young professionals in the area of specialization;
  • Ability to conceptualise and range of issues in the specialized technical field;
  • Ability to formulate new concepts and methodologies;
  • Ability to draft reports and prepare guidelines relating to programme development and implementation and ability to provide technical support to senior specialists carrying out research, project formulation and implementation;
  • Excellent analytical skills and knowledge of analytical tools and qualitative and quantitative techniques;
  • Good computer skills.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and gender-sensitive behaviour and attitudes are also required.

Conditions of employment

  • Any appointment/extension of appointment is subject to ILO Staff Regulations and other relevant internal rules. Any offer of employment with the ILO is conditional upon certification by the ILO Medical Adviser that the person concerned is medically fit to perform the specific inherent requirements of the position offered. In order to confirm an offer from the ILO the successful candidate will be required to undergo a medical examination.
  • Any extension of technical cooperation contracts are subject to various elements including the following: availability of funds, continuing need of the functions and satisfactory conduct and performance.

For more information on conditions of employment, please visit:


Recruitment process

Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form. To apply, please visit ILO People. The system provides instructions for online application procedures.


Applicants will be contacted directly if selected for a written test and/or an interview.


Depending on the location and availability of candidates, assessors and interview panel members, the ILO may use communication technologies such as Skype, Video or teleconference, e-mail, etc for the assessment and evaluation of candidates at the different stages of the recruitment process, including technical tests or interviews.


Fraud warning

The ILO does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process whether at the application, interview, processing or training stage. Messages originating from a non ILO e-mail account - - should be disregarded. In addition, the ILO does not require or need to know any information relating to the bank account details of applicants.

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