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기관 WIPO(세계지적재산권기구) 
프로그램 WIPO(세계지적재산권기구) Roster - Assistant Examiner (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)(한국어) 채용(~12.29) 
마감날짜 2023-12-29 
채용/마감 알림 마감 


Roster - Assistant Examiner (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) - 22032-ROS
PCT Operations Team, PCT Operations Section, PCT Operations Division, PCT Services Department, Patents and Technology Sector
Grade - G5
Contract Duration - Variable, maximum length of two years.

Duty Station

 : CH-Geneva

Publication Date

 : 02-Feb-2022  

Application Deadline

 : 29-Dec-2023, 7:59:00 AM

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation, is looking for qualified applicants wishing to contribute to its distinctive mission of making IP work for everyone.

How do expressions of interest work?
This post will be accepting applications until end of December 2023, to enable applicants to express their interest in employment with WIPO. The applications received will be reviewed by our recruiters and the hiring office with a view to:
•    Contacting qualified applicants, regarding Assistant Examiner vacancies that match their profile and language requirements. 

Note: Applying to this Expressions of Interest does not guarantee employment with WIPO.

If you are an applicant with secondary education and a minimum of five years of related work experience, and have an excellent written and spoken knowledge in one of the languages listed below, we would like to hear from you.

1. Organizational context

a. Organizational Setting
The post is located in the PCT Operations Division, PCT Services Department, Patents and Technology Sector. The PCT Operations Division is responsible for the receipt, formalities examination, publication and communication of applications and related documents filed under the PCT and delivering high-quality customer services to PCT users in all 10 official PCT publication languages.

b. Purpose Statement
The incumbent is required to carry out processing and formalities examination duties in at least two languages for international patent applications, and provide customer services to applicants and offices.

c. Reporting Lines
As a member of a PCT Operations Team, the incumbent works under the supervision of the Team Coordinator.

2. Duties and responsibilities

The incumbent performs the following principal duties:

(a) Examine in at least two languages formality requirements of standard international applications, ensuring conformity with set standards; process, carry out data entry and check international applications and related documents for completeness, acknowledge receipt, and follow-up as required; forward more complex examination formalities issues to the Examiner/Team Coordinator for follow-up.

(b) Ensure high level of customer services to users and reply in a timely manner. Liaise with PCT users and authorities and provide follow-up as required.

(c) Carry out publication preparation and review work; ensure publication and re-publication work assignments are in final format for international publication within established deadlines; and inform Team Coordinator of delays or other issues.

(d) Participate in team meetings and provide input towards improving internal work processes and workflows.

(e) On request, participate in customer support on PCT electronic services.

(f) On request, participate in testing PCT electronic systems and tools.

(g) Keep abreast of and work in line with established work processes.

(h) Perform other related tasks as required.


3. Education and Experience requirements


Completed secondary education.


At least five years of related work experience.

Experience in formalities processing of patent/trademark/industrial design applications.
Experience in customer service.

Other Requirements


Excellent written and spoken knowledge of Chinese or Japanese or Korean, and a good knowledge of English.

Knowledge of other PCT publication languages (Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish).

Job Related Competencies 

Good IT skills for document processing, data management and data search.
Ability to work within the rules, regulations and procedures governing the area of work.
Client orientation, with ability to deliver high-quality client services.
Ability to work within pre-defined deadlines in an organized and logical manner while maintaining meticulous attention to detail.
Ability to work on own initiative and with a marked sense of teamwork and shared responsibility.
Ability to handle and protect confidential and sensitive data with integrity.
Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

Knowledge of tools used for customer service, e.g. Verint or JIRA etc.
Ability to use different web browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome etc.
Ability to use authentication tools, e.g. a digital certificate, an app or mobile phone for one-time password etc.

Organizational Competencies
1.  Communicating effectively.
2.  Showing team spirit.
3.  Demonstrating integrity.
4.  Valuing diversity.
5.  Producing results.
6.  Showing service orientation.
7.  Seeing the big picture. 
8.  Seeking change and innovation. 
9.  Developing yourself and others.

Core Values:

WIPO’s core values, shaping the future, working as one, acting responsibly and delivery excellence, reflect our aim to achieve an efficient, professional organization in the service of global public, which values diversity and treats all people with fairness, dignity and respect.

Additional Information

Monthly salary (Net of tax): 6,464 CHF

Please refer to WIPO’s Staff Regulation and Rules for detailed information concerning salaries, benefits and allowances.

Temporary appointments are renewable, subject to continuing needs, availability of budget and satisfactory performance with a maximum cumulative length of two years.






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967 2023.07.17 UN OHCHR(제네바) HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER(인권), P3 채용(~8.12) 2023-08-12  마감 
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962 2023.07.15 GGGI(서울) (인턴) AWC WATER CONSULTANT INTERN 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
961 2023.07.14 GGGI(서울) 2023 Asia Water Council (AWC) WATER PROJECT CONSULTANT 채용(~7.27) 2023-07-27  마감 
960 2023.07.14 United Nations Support Mission in Libya(트리폴리) DISARMAMENT, DEMOBILIZATION AND REINTEGRATION OFFICER(군축), P3 채용(~7.26) 2023-07-26  마감 
959 2023.07.14 한-아세안센터(서울) Assistant Officer (IDU) 채용(~7.23) file 2023-07-23  마감 
958 2023.07.13 주UN대표부(뉴욕) 일반직 행정직원 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
957 2023.07.13 GGGI(서울) INTERNSHIP (TRANSPORT AND SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY)(인턴) 채용(~7.26) 2023-07-26  마감 
956 2023.07.13 GCF(인천) Facilities and Corporate Projects Specialist 채용(~7.25) 2023-07-25  마감 
955 2023.07.13 ADB(아시아개발은행) Risk Management Specialist(리스크 관리) 채용(~7.25) 2023-07-25  마감 
954 2023.07.12 [프리미엄] ★★World Bank (초급) Junior Prof ....... file   채용중 
953 2023.07.12 World Bank Group (초급) Young Professionals Program (WBG YPP) 채용(~7.31) file 2023-07-31  마감 
952 2023.07.12 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Portfolio Management Associate/Officer - Capital Markets 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
951 2023.07.12 세계자연기금 한국본부(WWF-Korea)(서울) Climate & Energy Programme Officer(2명) 채용(채용시 마감) file   채용중 
950 2023.07.11 IVI(국제백신연구소)(스웨덴) Administrative Assistant (Europe Regional Office) 채용(채용시 마감)   채용중 
949 2023.07.11 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Investment Associate - Infrastructure(투자) 채용(~9.11) 2023-09-11  마감 
948 2023.07.11 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Climate Finance Specialist(기후 금융) - Operations 채용(~9.11) 2023-09-11  마감 
947 2023.07.10 UN DSS(뉴욕) SECURITY COORDINATION OFFICER, P3 채용(군/경찰출신 우대)(~8.16) 2023-08-16  마감 
946 2023.07.10 UNOG(제네바) (초급) Associate Programme Management Officer (2 posts), P2 채용(~8.3) 2023-08-03  마감 
945 2023.07.10 OECD(파리) Resource Management Officer 채용(~8.8) 2023-08-08  마감 
944 2023.07.10 UN DPO(뉴욕) POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER(정무), P3 채용(~8.1) 2023-08-01  마감 
943 2023.07.08 GCF(인천) Climate Policy Specialist(기후 정책) 채용(~7.30) 2023-07-30  마감 
942 2023.07.08 WFP(서울) (한국인) Partnerships Officer(파트너십) 채용(~7.19) 2023-07-19  마감 
941 2023.07.08 CTBTO(유엔 포괄적 핵실험 금지 조약 기구) Seismoacoustic Engineering Officer(지진은향), P-3 채용(~7.30) 2023-07-30  마감 
940 2023.07.08 동아시아-라틴아메리카 협력포럼(FEALAC) 사이버사무국(서울) 연구원 채용(`7.16) 2023-07-16  마감