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기관 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) 
프로그램 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) Acquisition Officer 채용(~9.20) 
마감날짜 2023-09-20 
채용/마감 알림 마감 


Acquisition Officer

Acquisition Officer
Reports to: 
Acquisition Manager
Recruitment Periods: 
2023.08.31 ~ 2023.09.20
Start date: 


Under the direct supervision of the Acquisition Manager, the Acquisition Officer implements acquisition plans to acquire new donors, and improves operational excellence to manage the achievement of fundraising objectives and strategies for acquisition team. The Acquisition Officer initiates and follow up to acquisition activities as needed.

1. To analyze campaign performance, and dedicate to monitor the annual activity goal with KPIs,

2. To develop activity plans for a variety of acquisition campaigns at F2F and DRTV,

3. To manage communications with agencies and vendor, such as donor complaints, payments, deliverables, and performance reports,

4. To manage and implement acquisition activities planned for F2F and DRTV,

5. To develop and manage new acquisition materials and events for acquisition campaigns,

6. To monitor budget at F2F and DRTV,

7. To track and analyze the results of acquisition campaigns and report to the Acquisition Manager.



Analyses and planning

  • Under the supervision of the Acquisition manager, is a key player in the development of detail action plans for acquisition campaigns, and manage their implementation,
  • Analyses the acquisition activities in the market to understand the fundraising trends, and provides data-driven insights in collaboration with Data strategy team



  • Implements monthly, quarterly acquisition plans scheduled for each acquisition campaign,
  • Manages communications with the agencies and vendors regarding cost estimation, deliverables schedule and invoice process, and reports performance to Acquisition Manager,
  • Manages contracts processes ensuring that all contractual agreements and documents,
  • Supports developing annual acquisition plans of income and budget, based on the analysis of CRM data,
  • Supports research on new acquisition channels as needed,
  • Manages F2F campaign events and activities in collaboration with agencies.


‣ F2F

  • Leads regular MSF training for campaigners,
  • Manages and communicates with the agencies for database matching, donor complaints, campaign territorial issues, arranging monthly target and etc,
  • Monitors and produces acquisition materials for campaigns,
  • Develops and manages new acquisition channels related to offline campaign events.


  • Develops implementation plans for improving the performance index of DRTV acquisition to meet the annual DRTV target,
  • Supports the production of media contents and designs new campaign themes,
  • Coordinates monthly meetings with the agencies and provides regular TM center training,
  • Communicates with the agencies for media executions, data entry, any issues related to donors,
  • Monitors the quality of TM center and develops TM call scripts for new media contents,
  • Report weekly/monthly performance results and budget to the Acquisition Manager.

‣ Supports any other acquisition channel as needed


Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitors results of each campaign and reports to Acquisition Manager in a timely manner,
  • Monitors closely the performance of each agency and reports to Acquisition Manager,
  • Makes recommendations on how to improve the efficiencies of acquisition activities to Acquisition Manager as needed,
  • Follows up budget and reports in a timely manner to Acquisition Manager,
  • Supports Acquisition Manager in researching and recommending new fundraising channels.


General Duties

  • Provides administrative support to Acquisition Manager as needed,
  • Assists other fundraising projects as required.




  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in NGOs and or corporation with experience in business process management
  • Experience and successful delivery of a diverse range of marketing strategies.
  • Extensive experience in multiple agency management and working with suppliers to deliver projects.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and creative thinking skills.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Superior time management skills and ability to deliver to deadlines.
  • Excellent MS office processing skills.
  • Ability to work in a team and foster team spirit.
  • Strong commitment to MSF’s humanitarian aid work.
  • Self-starter. Ability to work independently.
  • Fluent in written and spoken Korean and English.



  • Good understanding of MSF field programs and principles of action.
  • Fundraising experience.




If you are interested in this position, 
please send your motivation letter and CV in English to

We will reach out to the chosen candidate, and the application process will conclude once the final candidate is confirmed.








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968 2023.07.17 UN OCHA(인도적지원국) Humanitarian Affairs Officer (Access/Civil-Military Coordination), P3 채용(~7.26) 2023-07-26  마감 
967 2023.07.17 UN OHCHR(제네바) HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER(인권), P3 채용(~8.12) 2023-08-12  마감 
966 2023.07.15 UNESCO(파리) (초급) ASSOCIATE PROJECT OFFICER (CULTURE)(문화), P-2 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
965 2023.07.15 UN ESCAP(인천) National Consultant in Vietnam 채용(~7.17) 2023-07-17  마감 
964 2023.07.15 세계변호사협회 아시아본부(서울) Conference and Marketing Administrator 채용(~7.23) file 2023-07-23  마감 
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962 2023.07.15 GGGI(서울) (인턴) AWC WATER CONSULTANT INTERN 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
961 2023.07.14 GGGI(서울) 2023 Asia Water Council (AWC) WATER PROJECT CONSULTANT 채용(~7.27) 2023-07-27  마감 
960 2023.07.14 United Nations Support Mission in Libya(트리폴리) DISARMAMENT, DEMOBILIZATION AND REINTEGRATION OFFICER(군축), P3 채용(~7.26) 2023-07-26  마감 
959 2023.07.14 한-아세안센터(서울) Assistant Officer (IDU) 채용(~7.23) file 2023-07-23  마감 
958 2023.07.13 주UN대표부(뉴욕) 일반직 행정직원 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
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956 2023.07.13 GCF(인천) Facilities and Corporate Projects Specialist 채용(~7.25) 2023-07-25  마감 
955 2023.07.13 ADB(아시아개발은행) Risk Management Specialist(리스크 관리) 채용(~7.25) 2023-07-25  마감 
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953 2023.07.12 World Bank Group (초급) Young Professionals Program (WBG YPP) 채용(~7.31) file 2023-07-31  마감 
952 2023.07.12 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Portfolio Management Associate/Officer - Capital Markets 채용(~7.24) 2023-07-24  마감 
951 2023.07.12 세계자연기금 한국본부(WWF-Korea)(서울) Climate & Energy Programme Officer(2명) 채용(채용시 마감) file   채용중 
950 2023.07.11 IVI(국제백신연구소)(스웨덴) Administrative Assistant (Europe Regional Office) 채용(채용시 마감)   채용중 
949 2023.07.11 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Investment Associate - Infrastructure(투자) 채용(~9.11) 2023-09-11  마감 
948 2023.07.11 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Climate Finance Specialist(기후 금융) - Operations 채용(~9.11) 2023-09-11  마감 
947 2023.07.10 UN DSS(뉴욕) SECURITY COORDINATION OFFICER, P3 채용(군/경찰출신 우대)(~8.16) 2023-08-16  마감 
946 2023.07.10 UNOG(제네바) (초급) Associate Programme Management Officer (2 posts), P2 채용(~8.3) 2023-08-03  마감 
945 2023.07.10 OECD(파리) Resource Management Officer 채용(~8.8) 2023-08-08  마감 
944 2023.07.10 UN DPO(뉴욕) POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER(정무), P3 채용(~8.1) 2023-08-01  마감 
943 2023.07.08 GCF(인천) Climate Policy Specialist(기후 정책) 채용(~7.30) 2023-07-30  마감 
942 2023.07.08 WFP(서울) (한국인) Partnerships Officer(파트너십) 채용(~7.19) 2023-07-19  마감 
941 2023.07.08 CTBTO(유엔 포괄적 핵실험 금지 조약 기구) Seismoacoustic Engineering Officer(지진은향), P-3 채용(~7.30) 2023-07-30  마감 
940 2023.07.08 동아시아-라틴아메리카 협력포럼(FEALAC) 사이버사무국(서울) 연구원 채용(`7.16) 2023-07-16  마감