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기관 주한영국대사관(서울) 
프로그램 주한영국대사관(서울) Community Liaison Officer (Part-time) 채용(~2.18) 
마감날짜 2024-02-18 
채용/마감 알림 마감 


View Vacancy - ROK - Community Liaison Officer (Part-time), AO

The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer.  We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow.
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (Operations and Corporate Services)
Community Liaison

Main purpose of job:

To be an advocate for and provide information and support to UK based staff and families. To help build the community of all staff at the British Embassy Seoul. 

Roles and responsibilities / what will the jobholder be expected to achieve:

1. Information gathering for families, partners and officers (including those not yet at Post) - primarily on spouse/partner employment at Post (completing annual DSFA Spouse and Partner Employment Report),  children's education (by visiting schools and completing the HR School and Nursery Information Sheets), Cost of living (by completing survey and COLA report every 6 months), language and training opportunities, health services, officer and spouse/partner issues,  recreational facilities, social matters. Maintain links with key contacts in the community including CLOs at other missions to share information.

2. Welfare at Post – including welcoming single officers, couples and families as well as officers on temporary duty, to ensure as smooth an integration as possible into life at Post, following up to check that the settling in process is working. Being a source of referral and support where questions, problems and difficulties arise; 

3. Advocate for UK based staff and dependants in addressing issues of importance with Post authorities, including as their representative on Post Security Committee and with evacuation/contingency planning, housing committee and as the chief link between Post and DSFA in London. 

4. Communicating effectively on community and social matters within the Post (to both UK-based and local staff) – e.g. quarterly Embassy newsletter, regular emails etc.

5. Events organising / facilitating events that bring together staff and families at post (e.g. Christmas party etc)

6. Updating key material ensuring we have an up-to-date Post Welcome Pack, input on co-ordinating Post report and fact sheet.

Essential upon arrival:

  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Excellent interpersonal and listening skills.
  • Be sympathetic and discreet.
  • Enjoy assisting and supporting people.
  • Have an understanding of issues arising from overseas relocation, including experience of living in a foreign country.
  • Able to work flexibly on his/her own initiative.
  • Good IT literacy.


  • Experience of having moved and lived overseas yourself


Managing a Quality Service, Delivering at Pace, Communicating and Influencing, Working Together
18 February 2024
Administrative Officer (AO)
Part-Time, Fixed term, with possibility of renewal
Asia Pacific
South Korea
British Embassy
3,572,151 per month pro rata
8 April 2024

Learning and development opportunities:

The Embassy is committed to investing in L&D for its staff, and provides a range of L&D opportunities, from learning sets to speaker events, group learning to job shadowing opportunities, as well as an extensive suite of online learning materials. Where job-specific training is identified the British Embassy will offer supports at optimal times to appropriate courses such as CLO training held in London. 

Working patterns:

This is a part-time role for 2.5 days (18 hours) per week.

The job is suitable for flexible working hours. The nature of the job requires some hours to be spent in the office but some out and about in the community. This may vary weekly depending on; meetings (in the office, with contacts in the community or with spouses and partners), arrival of new officers and families or when reports such as COLA or DSFA employment report are due. 

Other information:

Employment offers are subject to successful clearance of pre-employment checks.

The applicant must be eligible to work in South Korea. British Embassy Seoul does not support visa sponsorship.

Staff who are recruited by the British Embassy Seoul are subject to Terms and Conditions of Service according to local employment law. 

Please note that your application must be submitted before 23:55 on the day mentioned in the above field "Application deadline."

Please be aware that the deadline for submitting applications is considered to be the time zone for the country where the vacancy has arisen.

We advise you to allow enough time to complete and submit your full application since only applications completed and submitted before the deadline will be considered. Applicants called for an interview will be assessed on the core behaviours listed above.

All applicants are required to mandatorily fill the online application form completely including the employment and educational details, experience, professional skills and behaviour-based questions. We will be thoroughly reviewing the applications and incomplete form in any respect may not be considered while shortlisting for the next stage.
Only shortlisted candidates for interview will be contacted. Interviewees will be assessed on the core behaviours/qualifications listed above. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified via the system in due time. Appointable candidates who were unsuccessful may be placed on a ‘reserve list’.  If during the reserve period of 6 months the same or a largely similar role becomes available, that role may be offered to the second or subsequent candidate.

For inclusivity and diversity, please remove the following personal information when uploading your CV: name, address, email address, age, date of birth, gender, and nationality.

The start date mentioned in the job advert is a tentative start date and the successful candidate will be required to undergo security vetting procedures. Any offer of employment will be subject to the candidate achieving suitable clearances.

Please be aware that you will only be able to apply to vacancies for Country Based Staff roles with the British Government through this official site (operated by Oleeo). Jobs may be advertised on third party websites, however our adverts will always link back to the official site. If you complete and send an application through any other site, we will not receive it.





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