Infrastructure Country Manager, South Korea

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Principal - Infra Country Manager, South Korea

AWS is growing at a rapid pace, but with the growth opportunity ahead we are still at “Day One” for cloud computing. The Infrastructure Team at AWS plans, builds, and grows the infrastructure to support AWS services, including data centers, networks, and servers. Our mission is to deliver the highest performance and lowest cost infrastructure in the world. Do you want to be at the forefront of cloud computing, formulating data center infrastructure strategies and negotiating deals that will change how the world accesses and understands IT? Are you ready for a leadership position, engaged with C-Suite executives across the internet infrastructure industry, and owning the infrastructure strategy for India? Are you excited by large, complex and highly visible issues that have impact on a global scale? Do you love growing a business? If this describes you, we invite you to consider managing the Korea region for AWS.

As the Principal -Infra Country Manager, South Korea(ICM), you will be located in Seoul and responsible for AWS's IT infrastructure in South Korea, tasked with defining and communicating the vision and synchronized execution to build, launch and expand infrastructure in South Korea to support AWS. The ICM is the single-threaded owner responsible for understanding all costs impacting the South Korea AWS business. The ICM is the owner accountable for identifying, quantifying and resolving complex tasks that stretch across multiple functions to drive the difficult decisions in prioritizing agendas across the organization that impact the fundamental business case, our ability to launch or expand in the country. The ICM is responsible for looking around corners at the intersection of these functions and across all aspects of the business operations as they relate to costs of our infrastructure, in order to forecast cross-business emergent problems and identify opportunistic synergies. The ICM is a core member of the leadership team in South Korea that enables us to make faster and more well-informed decisions. The ICM is accountable for ensuring that each of the subject matter experts are driving the right agenda in the best interests of the entire business. The ICM’s scope includes engagement on: new region planning, real estate, construction, energy, telecom, data center operations, security, tax, regulatory compliance, capacity expansion, internal coordination and leadership communication, budget management, competitive landscape, and other aspects of the business strategy and operations in South Korea.

You will have sufficient technical skills to understand IT architecture, data centers, network as well as unparalleled communication skills with the ability to interact with all functions, disciplines, and levels in the organization. The ICM will also be able to identify the needs of domestic and international customers and translate those requirements into infrastructure and business requirements that can be executed across the organization.

This is a highly visible and critical position that will play a big role in the future expansion of AWS in South Korea. A successful candidate is a senior professional who possesses both business acumen and experience to effectively lead cross-functional teams, while also driving decisions at the CXO/VP level. He/she should have a demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges, with the ability to build and convey compelling value propositions. You must have excellent organizational skills and be a strong written and verbal communicator, with great attention to detail. You will need to be able to work independently in a constantly changing and sometimes ambiguous environment. You also need common sense, great judgment, and a sense of humor. This position involves direct contact with business owners, external parties including outside legal counsel, developers, utilities, and government officials. Proficiency in core project management disciplines including scope, schedule, budget, resources, quality and risk management is plus.
Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.

Roles & Responsibilities:
· Driving an integrated AWS Country Strategy and Business Plan to launch a financially viable business, support customers, and manage growth
· Understand the P&L cost drivers and impact – identify owners and plans to reduce/solve for long term business impact.
· Driving further tactical cooperation and coordination across the business teams in-country to track to the approved Country Strategy and Business Plan
· Engaging with key government or business partners at the executive levels
· Supporting all business and functional activities to ensure growth, including but not limited to business operations, external communications, and government relations
· Reporting to AWS senior leadership on:
- Timetables for business milestones
- Health of key business and government partnerships
- Current status and forecasted unit costs, revenues, demand and capacity
- Major customer acquisition targets and events that will impact infrastructure needs
- Emerging customer impact issues
- Emerging business risks
· Assessing the local talent through the OLR process to ensure that we have the best and brightest talent in-country
· Execute the business plan while working with key internal stakeholders (e.g. Product Management, AWS Services, Networking, Data Center Engineering, Legal, Tax, Public Policy, HR, Data Center Operations, Data Center Construction, Real Estate, etc.).
· Adopt, embody and share the Amazon Leadership Principles with colleagues as a means to proliferate the unique and core aspects of the Amazon culture



Basic Qualifications
· Ability to work in a highly matrixed organization across multiple teams.
· Experience dealing with corporate business leaders, high-level government officials, and community leaders
· Highly Organized
· Familiar with infrastructure (Data Center, Network, Fiber) as well as AWS Cloud Business.
· Strong business acumen with budget and financial management experience
· Have an entrepreneurial spirit and can work independently and effectively in a results-oriented, efficient environment
· Excellent verbal and written communications skills are a must
· Experience collecting, analyzing and summarizing data from disparate sources to drive conclusions and recommendations
· Able to be strategic, but also drive tactics and execution; willing to get your hands dirty and get the job done
· MBA and/or Computer Science or Math background highly desired;
· Exhibit excellent judgment
· Have relentlessly high standards (is never satisfied with the status quo)
· Be able to dive deep and never be out of touch with the details of the business
· Have passion, convictions, and the innate ability to inspire passion in others
· A strong results orientation
· Think big
· Operating a business internationally
· Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing based.
· Experience with high value, complex contract negotiations across relevant internet infrastructure categories (data center / colocation / supply chain / fiber / real estate / energy / incentives / transit).
· Experience in core project management disciplines including scope, schedule, budget, quality, along with risk and critical path management. Must be well organized and able to work effectively under time pressure.
· Understanding data center operations.
· Proficiency with MS Project, MS Office, and MS SharePoint.
· Exceptional analytical, quantitative, communication, and presentation skills.


Preferred Qualifications
· Ability to understand the business case, customer segmentation, competitive analysis, pricing analysis, marketing strategy, financial (P&L) models, and go-to-market strategies for international markets
· Become the subject matter expert on specific international markets; recommend market entry strategies from an infrastructure perspective while understanding the business and customer needs.
· Master degree in business
· Commercial Land / real estate background a plus
· Legal Background a plus
· Project Management Background a plus
· A technical background in engineering or computer science a plus
· Data Center Infrastructure supply chain experience.
· Data Center / Collocation Negotiation.
· Land / real estate negotiation.
· Having strong contacts in the Data Center and Networking markets.
· Strong verbal and written communications skills are a must, as well as the ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations.
· Multi-lingual capabilities.
· Start-up business experience is a plus

Professional traits not unique to this position, but necessary for all Amazon leaders:
Exhibit excellent judgment
Have relentlessly high standards (is never satisfied with the status quo)
Be able to dive deep and never be out of touch with the details of the business
Have passion, convictions, and the innate ability to inspire passion in others
A strong results orientation
Think big
Customer obsession



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