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기관 유급 인턴 
마감날짜 2020-01-31 

동아시아-대양주 철새이동경로 파트너십 (EAAFP) 사무국(인천) 유급 인턴 모집 공고



동아시아-대양주 철새이동경로 파트너십 (EAAFP) 사무국 인턴 모집 공고

  • 등록일 2020-01-14



  • 문의처 [외교부 > 국제기구국 > 유엔과] 02-2100-8421,7278,7238

EAAFP Internship programme 
External Relations Assistant 

1. Introduction
The East Asian–Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) is a voluntary global Partnership that serves as the key international framework to enhance collaboration for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and the sustainable use of their habitats along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF). Currently, the EAAFP has 37 Partners made up of governments, international organizations, NGOs and the private sector. The Secretariat of the EAAFP is located in Songdo, Incheon, Republic of Korea and conducts a range of activities coordinating the day to day work of the EAAFP (e.g. communication with international and local Partners, liaising with the host country and city, organization of workshops, raising awareness for the public, fundraising activities, organization of the Meetings of Partners (MOPs) every two years). The main operating language of the Secretariat is English.  

2. Job deion 

• Position title:  External Relations Assistant 

• Type of contract: Fixed-term (6 months) 

• Work percentage: 100% (full time) 

• Work hours: 09:00 – 18:00 

• Official language: English 

• Expected starting date: February 2020 

• Reporting to: External Relations Manager, Chief Executive 

• Supervisor: External Relations Manager 

• A small amount of monthly allowance may be given.

3. Duties and responsibilities 

EAAFP is seeking a highly motivated individual for a full-time internship position of External Relations Assistant. This assignment will include but not limited to the responsibilities following:  

1) Resource mobilization support : support the planning and implementing various fundraising strategies and digital marketing tools; support the external relations manager in identifying potential donors (government, philanthropic organization, corporate, and individual donors) and developing proposals; assist the piloting EAAFP crowdfunding project; assist the development of the ‘EAAFP Volunteer Programme’; support the production of EAAFP promotion souvenirs; update and maintain the ‘Support Us’ page on the EAAFP website; support the identification and outreach to celebrity ambassadors.

2) Partnership and outreach events : provide assistance in planning and implementing various partnership engagement and outreach events that take place internationally and locally; assist the organization of World Migratory Bird Day events in May 2020; attend the external relationship/fundraising related events in Korea as assigned by the supervisor.  

3) Support for coordinating the EAAFP Finance Sub-Committee : set up the online committee meetings; draft meeting minutes, follow up on the Committee’s recommendations by assisting the ER manager.  

4) Recruitment Support : Check the EAAFP Secretariat official email account regularly for new applications; update and advertise intern vacancies; assist recruitment process of new intern/volunteer; prepare administrative for internal review, interview and final selection; respond to inquiries from applicants/candidates; provide a brief introduction of Internship Programme to selected candidates and new interns.  

5) Translation Support : assist in preparation of meeting agenda and program, and logistics; provide translation and simultaneous interpreting; provide translations of English and Korean for meetings, events and newsletter.  

6)  Team Support – Other duties : 

• Research and website management: Update and maintain the EAAFP website, blog and social media channels. 

• Administrative Support: Support daily administrative task, such as preparing correspondence, shipping mails, meeting preparation.  

※ Intern’s duties can be revi ewed and changed after probationary period of one month 

4. Qualifications: 

• Enrolled university students or a recent graduate majoring in communications, marketing, media, business administration, international relations, environment, biology and/or other related fields. 



• Ability to think creatively and proactive attitude; 

• Interest in using social media as a public engagement tool; 

• Well-developed computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); 

• Good design skills using desktop publishing software is a huge plus; 

• Experience in conducting online campaigning is a plus but not required. 



• Excellent communication skills (written and oral) in English are required.

• Working knowledge of another EAAF Partner Country’s languages (e.g. Korean, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Bahasa Malaysia, etc.) is a plus.


5. Application Information 

• Due to the high volume of applications received, after shortlisting only successful candidates will be invited to interview. 

• A candidate must prove that she/he has a valid visa in the Republic of Korea during the internship period. 


6. How to apply 

Please submit the set of listed below by email to no later than 31 January 2020 . 

• EAAFP Internship Application Form 

• CV/résumé 

• A personal statement: Describe your motivations, reason for applying and career goal (up to one page)

• A sponsorship letter (if you have a sponsor to this programme) 

• A reference letter when requested


  • EAAFP-Internship-Application-Form.doc    

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