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기관 Greenpeace(서울) 
프로그램 채용시 마감 Greenpeace(서울) Community Outreach Manager(오프라인 행사팀 매니저) 채용 

채용시 마감

Greenpeace(서울) Community Outreach Manager(오프라인 행사팀 매니저) 채용


Community Outreach Manager

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Date: 16-Jan-2020

Location: KR

Company: Greenpeace East Asia

시민참여를 극대화 하기 위한 오프라인 행사팀 매니저 

Community Outreach Manager


[주요 업무 및 범위] 

-시민참여 캠페인 팀 매니저는 (이하 매니저) 시민참여를 극대화하기 위한 전략적 지침제공

-2명의 캠페이너 라인매니징

-다양한 오프라인 행사 코디네이션 및 관련 프로젝트리더들과 협업 



대규모 오프라인 행사경험자 우대 

매니징 경험자 우대 



Purpose and Scope of the Job

Overall purpose of the job


The position manages the community outreach team and sets the office's community outreach development strategy. S/he may be assigned to lead projects, or to design and implement strategies for projects, that support communities in winning campaigns, provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in Greenpeace activities and help Greenpeace be visibly active in the world.




The Community Outreach Manager works under the direction of the Program Manager/Deputy Program Director, and assumes responsibility for a key area of the program activity in the region where the position is located. The position demonstrates considerable independence and initiative, and provides leadership for the planning, development and implementation of outreach strategies, plans, and procedures. Judgment is exercised in directing staff. Decisions made by the position significantly impact the success of the program activities. Discretion is exercised in handling confidential and sensitive information.


The position exercises direct staff supervisory responsibility of a small number of staff.


The position prepares, monitors and controls expenses and budget and has the authority to approve invoices and expenditures to a limit.


Job responsibilities

Conceptual tasks, Strategy development and/or Project management

Direct and oversee the planning, development and implementation of strategies to build and maintain Greenpeace’s community outreach capacity

Stay abreast of the latest trends in community engagement and social movements and identify opportunities to adapt Greenpeace work accordingly.

Propose community outreach strategies that advance campaign and organisational goals; provide knowledge-based guidance to the development and implementation of projects.

Identify and implement ways (e.g. training, use of new methods and equipment etc) to enhance community engagement and volunteerism within the organization.



Provide guidance to project teams on appropriate community audiences that can advance project goals

Work with project-identified communities to encourage and support their involvement in specific campaigns

Collaborate with other departments to ensure an effective and coherent supporter journey

Oversee the implementation of volunteer engagement systems to efficiently manage their engagement in Greenpeace’s operations. Maintain, evaluate and where necessary adapt these systems to improve their effectiveness.

Network with relevant local NGO’s and community as required

Experiment with innovative tactics that build support and amplify impact to inspire others.

Monitor/Evaluate the performance of community engagement activities

Liaise with other Greenpeace offices and Greenpeace International. Promote support within Greenpeace to advance program goals.


Support/ Coaching/ Leadership

Provide team leadership. Manage, motivate and facilitate the work of staff. Inspire and encourage staff to be innovative in their work. Determine priorities, assign responsibilities and supervise staff. Identify staff training needs.

Allocate staff to projects and provide knowledge-based guidance to design and implementation of projects. Coordinate staff capacity according to program priorities.

Provide expert and strategic advice to management on all internal and external issues related to community outreach.

Ensure Greenpeace staff are aware of trends and opportunities in community outreach, and the requirements for delivering effective engagement that advances campaign and organisational goals,


Compliance/ Keeping Framework Conditions

Ensure appropriate protocols and policies are in place for community and volunteer engagement are in place and adhered to.

Produce internal reports as required, evaluating performance of Greenpeace’s community outreach outputs against objectives.

Oversee relevant budgets and ensure that all expenditure is kept within the allocated budget. Ensure financial and administrative procedures are followed by the team.



Competencies Profile

Act with integrity

Build Networks (internal & external)

Build Support (financial & non-financial)

Champion for Change

Critical Thinking

Demonstrate Expertise

Demonstrate Resilience

Develop Plans

Empower & Enable People

Make Decisions

Manage Others

Strategic Thinking

Skills and Expertise required

Knowledge of trends in community organising, volunteer engagement and ideally social movements.

Specific Work Environment

The position works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.
May be required to work after hours and on weekends in line with when volunteers and community members are available.


Compensation Info

Job Segment: Manager, Project Manager, NGO, Management, Technology, Government

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