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기관 GGGI(서울) 
프로그램 Lead, Transport and Sustainable Mobility 채용 
마감날짜 2020-04-24 


GGGI(서울) Lead, Transport and Sustainable Mobility 채용


Lead, Transport and Sustainable Mobility

The Lead will oversee the thematic stream’s primary mandate by working closely with GGGI’s in-country teams and producing outputs that catalyze implementation and are immediately deployable/applicable. The Lead shall also contribute to the expansion of GGGI’s international role and presence in areas such as electric vehicles (linked to renewable energy sources), improved public transport systems, and non-motorised transport (NMT) (amongst others) and by presenting its outputs at international events, building relationships with other development/research organizations, and participating in joint partnerships/initiatives related to Transport and Sustainable Mobility.


The Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD), based at GGGI's Seoul headquarters works with programs in countries and on (global) projects, by:


  • Providing technical and financial know-how through advice to country programs in the areas of energy, green cities, sustainable landscapes and climate action;
  • Working with the Green Growth Planning and Implementation Division (GGP&I) on the development of service offerings (in GGGI’s four main focus areas) and related methodologies (delivery approaches);
  • Converting experience gained through country activities and engagement in international networks into elements of South-South cooperation programs, sub-regional knowledge sharing programs and national level capacity building activities;
  • Developing global level tools such as the Green Growth Potential Assessment methodology and the Green Growth Index;
  • Contributing to the preparation of corporate communication material;
  • Managing GGGI’s involvement in knowledge management networks such as the Green Growth Knowledge Platform or other international platforms as appropriate.


The Division wishes to strengthen its technical capacity and advisory services in transport and sustainable mobility through the appointment of a Lead in Transport and Sustainable Mobility. The position will located in GGGI’s Green Cities team, and will particularly provide support through policy analysis and advisories, resource mobilization and project implementation, and knowledge sharing in areas relevant to GGGI’s value proposition, with a focus on e-mobility, public transportation and sustainable mobility (including non-motorised transport).


A summary of this job is described below:


  • Leads in identifying, refining, and expanding a national and global niche for GGGI in transport and sustainable mobility
  • Initiates and leads innovative programs and project ideas that contribute to the organization’s strategic objectives in transport and sustainable mobility
  • Working with the Green Growth Planning and Implementation Division (GGP&I) and the Green Investment Services on the development of service offerings for Green Cities, and associated “delivery” methods (i.e. “how” GGGI will engage/what GGGI will do)
  • Leading on the provision of innovative/novel technical know-how and content-based advice to country programs
  • Advocating for green growth through analytical insights gained from country activities, elements of South-South cooperation programs, findings from regional knowledge sharing programs, and outcomes of national level capacity building activities
  • Defining and leading project processes and cycles to ensure effective delivery
  • Representing and leading GGGI’s involvement at international forums, knowledge networks and other forums on sustainable transportation and mobility.





GGGI support countries and counterparts to take an integrated approach to solving major issues through a combination of finance, policy, and knowledge sharing. The role of this position is to advocate for such an approach through innovative projects/programs that influence a new way of thinking on sustainable transportation and green growth.

GGGI has an expanded global portfolio in developing countries managing a diverse set of programs and projects focused on four key thematic areas of energy, green cities, sustainable landscapes and climate change, which hold significant potential in achieving green growth in developing countries. Accordingly, the Policy Solutions department is divided into four thematic streams, with each stream delivering policy advice to projects and programs in countries; conducting sector assessments, designing relevant models, assessing technology options where relevant; engaging with the GIS and country teams at the time of project identification, design, preparation and structuring; and leading the content side of GGGI knowledge sharing programs. The thematic streams also strive to contribute to the global debate on issues related to green growth and to that extent engages with global partnerships on an as-relevant basis.



By partnering with in-house and external experts or organizations who have contributed to mainstreaming green growth in Green Cities, the role of the Lead is to leverage that knowledge and expertise, as well as the unique culture GGGI has built globally, and serve as an advisor on green mobility opportunities to our partner countries. 

S/he shall identify and guide relevant projects and activities on transport and sustainable mobility with GGGI country operations while effectively communicating with other relevant staff to collaborate in translating thematic agenda into innovative service offerings and in-country initiatives.

S/he shall originate knowledge sharing programs concerning transport and sustainable mobility to contribute towards the building of a knowledge sharing program.

S/he will represent GGGI in national and international forums and other key meetings and events, as designated/appropriate to advocate for green growth, and build and maintain partnerships with governments, development agencies, leading research institutions, and the private sector working on transport and sustainable mobility.


The major deliverables are to originate innovative projects and initiatives, provide technical support to in-country programs and to contribute to thought leadership and knowledge sharing, analyze best practices and lessons learned of in-country programs or (potential) member countries relating to sustainable mobility and transport solutions.

In doing so, the general role of Lead in Transport and Sustainable Mobility is to support the Urban Lead – Green Cities in working with GGGI in-country teams to originate and expand thematic programs/projects as well as other collaborative projects on sustainable transportation. Tasks include:

  • Originating innovative projects and refining/expanding existing ones to reflect country needs and corporate objectives.
  • Scoping, identifying, and planning innovative projects for country programs in transport and sustainable mobility through (but not limited to) consultation with government stakeholders, jointly with country teams.
  • Planning, leading and developing applied/practical knowledge products and project outputs.
  • Conducting expert review on project outputs for quality control.
  • Conceptualizing the development of innovative implementable products and solutions in transport and sustainable mobility including drafting substantive papers such as working papers, policy briefs, country case studies, and analytical papers on salient issues based on consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  • Mentoring staff and building their capacity with respect to the understanding of transport and sustainable mobility, relevant skill-sets, and general project management.
  • Advocate for green growth and demonstrate GGGI’s thought leadership by participating in internal / external events such as seminars, training sessions, knowledge sharing events on transport and sustainable mobility.
  • Support the Urban Lead – Green Cities in the overall management of the Green Cities program.





  • Master’s Degree in transport, urban/transport planning, economics  or related field with additional expertise in environmental management and sustainable development seen as an asset.
  • 10 years professional experience related to transport and sustainable mobility in an international setting.
  • At least 5 years of experience developing projects or programs in a developing and middle-income country context working with counterparts to develop or implement public policies or green investments related to sustainable transport and mobility.
  • The candidate must display expertise in the areas of transport and sustainable mobility and will have experience in developing and middle-income country environments.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required, working knowledge of French and/or Spanish is an asset.




  • Exceptional analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Leadership, team work and creative problem solving
  • Outstanding stakeholder engagement, client relationship management, and communication.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects to deliver results on time and on budget.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders and share information




  • Understands and actively supports GGGI’s mission, vision, and values
  • Leverages diversity as an asset
  • Actively promotes mutual accountability internally and externally
  • Supports continuous learning, knowledge sharing and thought leadership
  • Maintains a high degree of professional integrity.



Republic of Korea, HQ

Contract Type




Salary scale

International Scale

Contract Duration

36 months

Date to close (KST)


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