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기관 IFAD(국제농업개발기금) 
프로그램 Technical Specialist (Nutrition)(영양), P-3 채용 
마감날짜 2020-04-30 


IFAD(국제농업개발기금) Technical Specialist (Nutrition)(영양), P-3 채용


Technical Specialist (Nutrition)

Vacancy Announcement Number


Date of Issue


Deadline for Applications


Organizational Unit

Envir. Climate Gender & Incl.



Duty Station


Duration of Assignment

1Y renewable (conditional)

Organizational context

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution and a specialized United Nations agency dedicated to eradicating rural poverty and hunger. It does so by investing in rural people. IFAD finances programmes and projects that increase agricultural productivity and raise rural incomes, and  advocates at the local, national and international level for policies that contribute to rural transformation.


Post's organizational accountability

This is a one year fixed term co-terminus position fully financed with supplementary funds, contract renewal depends on the fund availability and/or duration of the project. There is no expectation of renewal or conversion into another kind of contract.

The Strategy and Knowledge Department (SKD) provides expert guidance on IFAD's strategic direction, thematic priorities and technical quality of IFAD’s operations. It plays a critical role in providing technical expertise to operational teams to enhance development effectiveness, by generating and disseminating IFAD’s development knowledge and evidence on strategic themes, and encouraging innovative application of cutting-edge global knowledge and evidence in IFAD investments to support countries tackle their most complex development challenges in fostering inclusive and sustainable rural transformation. SKD is composed of the (i) Environment, Climate, Gender and Social Inclusion Division (ECG); the (ii) Sustainable Production, Markets and Institutions Division (PMI); and the (iii) Research and Impact Assessment Division (RIA).

ECG takes the lead in mainstreaming crosscutting themes of environment and climate, nutrition, gender, youth, and indigenous peoples social inclusion into IFAD's portfolio, to strengthen the quality of IFAD’s operations and achieve improved impacts in these areas in an integrated manner. It is pursuing a new transformation agenda that seeks to integrate IFAD’s four themes (gender, youth, nutrition and climate) for enhanced results. ECG contributes to the generation of evidence and knowledge on these crosscutting themes, and facilitates their use in IFAD projects and activities. In addition, it provides guidance and support to ensure the inclusion of marginalized groups, particularly women, indigenous peoples and rural youth, into IFAD operations.

Nutrition contributes to the vibrant rural transformation that IFAD seeks to promote and is therefore at the centre of IFAD’s Strategic Framework (2016-2025), specifically under Strategic Objective 1: Increase poor rural people’s productive capacities. IFAD recognizes that malnutrition compromises rural people’s ability to come out of poverty. In its eleventh replenishment, IFAD committed to improve the nutrition of 12 million people by 2021 and to increase the target of projects that are nutrition sensitive at design to 50 per cent by 2021 (the IFAD10 target was 33 percent). The IFAD Nutrition Action Plan 2019-2025 aims to increase the nutritional impact of IFAD's investments based on its comparative advantage in investing in smallholder farmers. IFAD has received supplementary funds from NORAD to support the implementation of the NAP and improve the nutrition outcomes of its investments. 

The Technical Specialist will be responsible for providing coordination and technical support and advisory role for the effective and timely implementation of the Nourishing People and the Earth through Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture Programme, financed by NORAD through supplementary funds. The Technical Specialist is an expert and knowledge builder in nutrition sensitive agriculture. Work at this level is characterized by non-supervisory technical expertise at the country and regional hubs. S/He collaborates with other Specialists to ensure the collection and dissemination of emerging developments in nutrition. Knowledge management at this level directly affects quality enhancement of IFAD’s programmes and partnership development for rural poverty reduction.

The accountabilities/key results expected are:

  • Technical Advice
  • Programme Coordination, Advice and Development
  • Knowledge Management and Capacity Building
  • Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Managerial Functions

The Technical Specialist will work under the supervision of the Lead Technical Specialist (Nutrition) and overall strategic, policy and management guidance, and supervision of the division Director. S/He will work collaboratively with respective ECG technical specialists (both Environment/Climate and Social Inclusion), PMI thematic Technical Specialists, and other staff to ensure consistency, cohesion and synergy in the application of technical advice and provision of programme development support facilitating knowledge flows and building of communities of practices.


Key results expected / Major functional activities

1. Technical Advice

In coordination with the Country Directors (CD) and other ECG and PMI specialists, the Technical Specialist will ensure appropriate and up-to-date technical advice on nutrition sensitive agriculture for participating countries, while leveraging on IFAD’s on-going investments in order to achieve optimum nutrition outcomes. Based on technical knowledge and analysis of current nutrition situation and trends, emerging developments and challenges, the Technical Specialist will support IFAD’s nutrition sensitive investments to define evidence-based interventions to be supported by the project, drawing on current research. The technical specialist will ensure that the projects contributes to IFAD's medium term commitments and targets relating to improved nutritional impact and IFAD’s transformation agenda that seeks to integrate the four mainstreaming themes.

Accountabilities will include:

  1. Provide technical advice on nutrition sensitive agriculture interventions
  2. Support the definition of relevant indicators, implementation arrangements, coordination mechanisms and implementing partners;
  3. Provide technical support to staff, consultants, field missions at supervision and implementation support of selected IFAD’s investments; 
  4. Provide IFAD staff and project partners with up-to-date professional advice on policy, institutional and technical issues to ensure quality implementation of interventions.

2. Programme Coordination, Advice and Development

The Technical Specialist will coordinate the NORAD financed programme Nourishing People and the Earth through Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture. S/He will be responsible for planning activities in IFAD funded projects, assess their status and requirements to achieve nutrition outcomes.

Accountabilities will include:

  1. Develop planning templates for project partners; 
  2. Oversee the annual budget and preparation of work plans,
  3. Ensure that expenses of the accounts managed are aligned with the annual programme of work and budget.  
  4. Manage contracts/agreements with implementing partners and ensure delivery of quality and timely outputs
  5. Leveraging on IFAD’s planned supervisions and implementation support, coordinate with other IFAD staff to track progress of implementation of project activities.

3. Knowledge Management and Capacity Development

The Technical Specialist will support the development of relevant knowledge products as defined by the project. S/He will ensure country-level access to the latest sources of knowledge and innovation, strengthen national technical capacity and establish new knowledge and advisory partnerships.

Accountabilities may include:

  1. Support the development of knowledge products and operational tools
  2. Documentation of best practices from field operations in nutrition, with clear linkages to IFAD’s other mainstreaming themes;  
  3. Make available the knowledge content such as analytical studies and best practices to IFAD staff and implementing partners through the intranet and other knowledge sharing platforms;
  4. Facilitate south to south cooperation and exchange of ideas and lessons learned;
  5. Coordinate relevant knowledge development, dissemination and lessons learned with partners and stakeholders through contribution to occasional papers, journal articles, seminars and workshops and electronic media;
  6. Build the capacity of staff and implementing partners and government officials  on nutrition sensitive agriculture and rural development 

4. Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization

The Technical Specialist develops and maintains a network of peer contacts inside and outside IFAD to keep up-to-date on activities at the country and regional levels, to support joint advocacy and for knowledge sharing and capacity development.

Accountabilities may include:

  1. Support partnerships at project level with complementary technical organizations such as the UN agencies, NGOs, and specialized departments of other development agencies;
  2. Organise supervision missions for the project donors as needed.

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

The Technical Specialist supports the Director/Lead Technical Specialist in knowledge management, monitoring and donor timely reporting. She/he captures and uses more systematically IFAD’s field experience to better link impact evaluation to corporate and regional M&E work and integrate impact assessments, M&E and good practice findings into corporate learning opportunities to allow for cross-country and cross-regional learning.

  1. Support projects to identify relevant indicators to measure nutrition related outputs and outcome levels
  2. Support the programme M&E activities including baseline, midterm  and end line studies and target setting
  3. Compile annual donor narrative and financial reports 

6. Managerial Functions

The Technical Specialist is accountable for integrity, transparency, and equity in the management of IFAD resources. This includes:

  1. People Management through coaching and mentoring of new and/or junior staff, supervision and evaluation of performance of consultants.


Impact of Key results / Key performance indicators

Assignments require the provision of technical expertise in the field of specialization. The impact of work by the incumbent directly affects the overall country programme and contributes to regional and corporate policy and strategy.  Technical Specialists contribute to the delivery of a country programme. The impact on the overall IFAD country and regional programmes is significant in projecting the Fund’s role/capacity as a reliable, viable partner in development. Work is intricate in that it requires consideration of a wide range of technical factors and related data, national policies relevant for the economic policy concerns of the international organization. Technical Specialists also monitor and guide the work of external consultants and participate as experts in field missions and in the servicing of intergovernmental and expert group meetings of a technical nature.

Technical Specialists exercise independence and initiative in assessing needs and advising governments when on field mission. Decisions are made on the research or analytical strategies to be followed in resolving problems of concern in the technical area. Established methods and procedures are adapted as necessary in order to achieve desired results.   


Representation / Work relationships

The work relationships of the Technical Specialists involves the provision of technical advice and the negotiation and resolution of problems that arise in mission planning, technical project design and appraisal and in the preparation of studies and reports. S/He serves as an expert in his/her field of specialization and works with full technical independence in the provision of technical expertise and methodological guidance at the country level, as well as regionally as required. Contacts are with counterparts within other United Nations organizations having related programmes and with officials of governments, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations, research institutes and academia.

In servicing intergovernmental bodies, expert groups and other meetings, the Technical Specialist provides technical expertise and recommendations for policy formulation and official conclusions in a consultative and advisory capacity; s/he may also provide information regarding the organization's policies, and act as the representative of the organization. Contacts are maintained to identify and evaluate emerging developments.




  • Strategic thinking and organizational development: Personal influence
  • Demonstrating Leadership: Leads by example; initiates and supports change
  • Learning, sharing knowledge and innovating: Challenges, innovates and contributes to a learning culture
  • Focusing on clients: Contributes to a client-focused culture
  • Problem solving and decision making: Demonstrates sound problem solving and decision making ability
  • Managing time, resources and information: Manages own time, information and resources effectively
  • Team Work: Contributes effectively to the team
  • Communicating and negotiating: Communicates effectively, creates understanding between self and others
  • Building relationships and partnerships: Builds and maintains effective working relationships
  • Managing performance and developing staff: Manages staff and teams effectively

Technical / Functional

  • Technical expertise at the country, regional and global level in nutrition sensitive agriculture, food systems and rural development.
  • Knowledge of global nutrition frameworks, stakeholder networks and multi-sectoral platforms at all levels  
  • Knowledge of other mainstreaming themes at IFAD and how they relate to each other: Gender, Youth, Indigenous People, Environment and Climate change
  • Ability to share technical guidance/knowledge at the governmental and peer levels as well as to inspire more junior specialists and programme staff in the development of viable programme activities.
  • Strong analytical skills in order to identify systematic issues, both programmatic and operational and develop viable solutions. Analytical skills are also essential for identifying opportunities to promote new strategies and initiatives with regional divisions, partner agencies and national government partnerships
  • Ability to manage and ensure timely and effective project delivery while coordinating with partner such as the government, NGOs, among others  
  • Communicate effectively with different counterparts (civil society, government, local communities, and project staff).
  • Listens effectively to engage others
  • Writes clearly, succinctly and convincingly

Computer skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of PeopleSoft ERP as well as full command of Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and common internet applications


Minimum recruitment qualifications


  • Advanced university degree from an accredited institution in Nutrition, social studies, agriculture, rural development, natural resource management, environment, economics etc.


  • At least 5 years progressively responsible experience in, and demonstrated understanding of, development initiatives in the field of specialization of which at least 2 of the 5 years of experience at the international level.
  • Experience in international policy frameworks related to nutrition, food systems approaches to mainstreaming nutrition
  • At least two years experience in nutrition sensitive agriculture and rural development programmes
  • Experience in other social inclusion issues (gender, youth and indigenous peoples and persons living with disabilities) is an asset.

Language requirements

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and working knowledge of French. Working knowledge of another official language (Arabic, or Spanish) is desirable.


Other information

Applicants should note that IFAD staff members are international civil servants subject to the authority of the President of IFAD, and they may be assigned by him/her to any of the activities of IFAD, including field assignments and/or rotation within IFAD.

In the interest of making most cost effective use of funds and resources, we are only able to respond to applicants who are short-listed for interview. Candidates who do not receive any feedback within three months should consider their application unsuccessful

Candidates may be required to take a written test and to deliver a presentation as well as participate in interviews.


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