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기관 Greenpeace East Asia(서울) 
프로그램 Greenpeace East Asia(서울) Campaign Specialist_Climate & Weather Analyst 채용(채용시 마감) 
채용/마감 알림 마감 



Date:  13 Mar 2024
Company:  Greenpeace East Asia

We are seeking a dynamic individual to join our team in the role of Regional Weather and Climate Analyst, supporting all offices in the Greenpeace East Asia region.




  • Conduct research and analysis on climate-related projects, academic studies, and relevant areas to identify strategic opportunities for Greenpeace campaigns.

  • Provide insights and recommendations for strategic direction based on research findings.

  • Execute climate and weather research to support campaign objectives and create impacts.

  • Collaborate with team members in each office to ensure coordinated efforts and effective implementation of research initiatives.

  • Stay updated on relevant developments and trends in climate research and activism.



  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a relevant role.

  • Excellent communication skills, with proficiency in one local language and English.

  • Open and transparent communication skills (not only for the language skills).

  • Support an inclusive, diverse, and respectful working culture. 

  • Proficiency in researching and analyzing climate projects, academic research, and related work to provide strategic insights for Greenpeace campaigns.

  • Ability to conduct and deliver climate and weather research effectively.

  • Self-motivated, proactive, and communicative individual with strong strategic thinking abilities.

  • Cross-issue expertise and knowledge is highly desirable.

  • Familiarity with existing weather and climate research resources.




[Contract type]

This is a regional position, so the contract period varies depending on the location. 

- Korea : 2- year contract (As per internal policy, all new staff begin with a 2year contract. Upon compltion of the 2-year term, transition to a permanent contranct or contract ending depends on evaluation results).

- Taipei : 3-year contract


[Benefits_Korea] - Benefits also varies depending on the location.


- Working hour : 09:30~18:00 (7.5h(daily), 37.5h(monthly))

- Value *Work&life balance* 

- 4Insurances/Severance Pay/Group accident insurance/Health-checkup/Mobile expenses/English learning expenses

- Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Paid Sick Leave, condolence Leave

- work from home policy, Sabbatical Leave(3years service 1month paid leave), next working day off when overlapping holiday

Purpose and Scope of the Job

In order to strengthen and enhance our capability of communicating climate emergency in timely, accurate and relevant approaches, we open this position to utilize emerging and fast-progressing climate science and meteorological expertise. 

The post holder is responsible for building up and elevating Greenpeace East Asia’s capability of providing comments and insights for on-going climate-related projects and responsive work when certain extreme weather events (EWE) occur. 

This post holder will be based in one of the regional offices in GPEA jurisdiction or where it is appropriate to work from, outreaching to set up a “pool” of networks that allows the organization to access resources on climate science and meteorological expertise areas.

Job responsibilities

Conceptual tasks, Strategy

  • Provide expertise with respect to climate science and meteorological expertise that are critical to achieving campaign objectives. Maintain high-level knowledge on the issues. Stay abreast of current and emerging developments relating to the expertise area.
  • Take a balanced approach between the academic research and practical information relating to people's daily life when analyzing any major EWE and its relation to climate change. 
  • Provide strategic analysis of current and emerging trends in the specialized field. Provide timely and relevant analysis to inform the campaign & to guide reaction for the project teams when needed.
  • Provide leadership to the development of objectives, strategies and program activities in order to achieve well integrated and impactful program work. Propose projects according to campaign strategy.
  • Provide strategic advice to projects which require engagement/use of the specialized expertise. Support campaign projects which are related to these aspects when required.


  • Provide a sound and reasonable analysis to (extreme) weather events and provide insights if any and how they relate to climate change for existing projects and responsive work.
  • Compose factsheet, analysis, and briefing paper that can be used for outputs. Provide information/quotes to the media and for public communications in time.
  • Actively represent Greenpeace towards the professional stakeholders in the specialized field, and the environmental community at large and to the media enquiries, to achieve campaign objectives and strengthen the profile and credibility of Greenpeace.
  • Develop or coordinate to develop modelling and scenario planning based on up-to-date climate science.
  • Develop useful expert networks that can strengthen the prominence of expert voices calling for climate action in: 
  • Tier 1 media within the region and in the global media. 
  • Political and regulatory processes within the region.
  • Other fora, events, and channels that local program teams deem important for their climate campaigns.
  • Develop campaign, media and policy lobby materials, including report, media briefing, press releases and commentaries. Make presentations and respond to public speaking requests.
  • Act as spokesperson, participate in conferences and make public and/or stakeholder speeches in accordance with the area of specialization and campaign strategies.
  • Work as project leader when required, oversee the implementation and make timely strategic adjustment according to internal and external changes to ensure the successful achievements of the project's objectives
  • Liaise with other Greenpeace offices and Greenpeace International. Promote support within Greenpeace to advance program goals.


  • Strengthen the competence of the local spokespersons to speak credibly on climate science and climate impacts.
  • Provide informal leadership from the area of specialization. Motivate and facilitate the work of staff. Inspire and encourage staff to be innovative in all aspects of their work.
  • Provide strategic advice to other Greenpeace entities on the specialization area.
  • Identify and implement ways (including but not limited to direct coaching, training) to enhance capacity within the organization in the specialization area.
  • Provide community leadership. Recruit, cultivate and manage issue communities to preserve and develop core expertise for the organization.  Encourage knowledge sharing & learning culture in project teams and communities. 

Competencies Profile

Take Responsibility & Initiative
Prioritize & Organize Work
Demonstrate Resilience
Influence Others (internal & external)
Critical Thinking
Demonstrate Expertise
Strategic Thinking
Build Networks (internal & external)
Make Decisions
Act with integrity
Strive for Result & Quality

Skills and Expertise required

  • One that has a climate science and/or meteorological academic training background with solid knowledge on climate change and climate science.
  • Proven track records (i.e. publication / articles, products, as well as educational degrees and professional experiences in relevant field) of deep knowledge / advanced skills in at least one highly specialised area of strategic priorities to achieving GPEA’s program objectives, i.e., climate science and/or meteorological expertise areas.
  • Recognition in the field of specialty.
  • Familiarity in the social, political, and cultural context of one of the geographical jurisdictions that GPEA operates. 

Specific Work Environment

  • The position works in a standard office environment. Travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.
  • The position may be required to work under pressure, remotely and in physically or mentally challenging situations.
  • Be on call after hours and on weekends as requested and is required to work remotely with time zone differences.



Job Segment: Meteorologist, Work from Home, Network, Law, Science, Contract, Research, Legal, Technology






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