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Job Vacancy | Thursday, June 13, 2024


Join Our Mission to Foster Prosperity in Asia

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the future of Asia and be a catalyst for positive change? We are thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to become an important part of the prestigious Asian Development Bank (ADB). At ADB, our mission is simple yet powerful: to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Organizational Setting and Reporting Relationship

The position of Assistant Treasurer is assigned to the Financial Policy and Planning Division within the Treasury Department. You will be based at our Headquarters in Manila, Philippines.

You will report to the Treasurer and will oversee International, National, and Administrative Staff.

Your Role

As an Assistant Treasurer you will: (i) lead the planning, implementation and supervision of the division’s objectives, goals, strategies and work plan in support of ADB’s overall mission in lending and treasury operations; (ii) lead in formulating and maintaining sound financial policy framework and asset liability management (ALM) practices to safeguard and uphold ADB's financial strength, resources and strong AAA credit ratings; (iii) oversee the management of Asian Development Fund (ADF) financial resources including policy framework, ALM operations and replenishment exercises; (iv) oversee the management of financial resources for other special funds and trust funds; (v) lead in the coordinated efforts to synthesize the ADB's operational, budgetary and financial planning exercise with Strategy, Policy, and Partnerships Department (SPD) and Budget, Personnel, and Management Systems Department (BPMSD); (vi) work with Office of Risk Management (ORM) in monitoring and managing ADB's capital adequacy and risk exposures; (vii) oversee the work of the Secretariat of the Asset Liability Management Committee (ALCO); and (viii) work within a broad concept and framework to define own scope of objectives and activities, applying a high degree of autonomy in selecting appropriate methods and approaches.

You will:

a. Leadership and Strategic Management

• Lead and cascade the division's objectives, goals, development strategies and key result areas (KRAs) in support of ADB's overall mission, departmental goals and in compliance with ADB policies.
• Lead the planning, implementation, and supervision of work plans as well as monitor the quality of output and the achievement of long-term goals and annual objectives for the division.
• Provide strong leadership in professional and operational matters, contributing new and best practice approaches to debt capital market and funding operations.
• Lead in developing annual strategic and business plans for benchmarking the division's targets and accomplishments. Lead and identify key priority areas of the division.

b. Financial Framework and Policies

• Lead in formulating sound financial policy framework to safeguard ADB's financial strength and resources.
• Lead the periodical review and update of financial policies to ensure relevancy and to reflect best practices.
• Serve as focal point in interaction with the Board and other stakeholders on financial policy related issues.

c. Asset Liability Management (ALM)

• Lead in sustaining and deepening sound ALM practices to operationalize ADB's financial and risk management framework and policies in order to safeguard and uphold ADB's strong AAA credit ratings.
• Lead in monitoring trends and practices in the ALM discipline and ensuring ADB's adherence to best practices.
• Oversee the preparation of Board papers on Annual Borrowing Program, Income Allocation and Loan Charge Reviews, the Treasury Quarterly Report, and other related treasury documents and reports.
• Oversee the work of the Secretariat of the ALCO.
• Oversee the periodical review of ADB's loan pricing structure.

d. Management of ADF, Special Funds and Trust Funds

• Oversee the administration of financial resources for ADF, other special funds and trust funds.
• Lead in developing and maintaining sound financial policy framework and ALM practices.
• Oversee the preparation for ADF replenishment exercise and mid-terms reviews in coordination with SPD.

e. Coordination with Internal Stakeholders

• Facilitate effective coordination and cooperation with other ADB departments and internal stakeholders.
• Lead in the coordinated efforts to synthesize the ADB's operational, budgetary, and financial planning exercise with SPD and BPMSD.
• Work with ORM in monitoring and managing ADB's capital adequacy and risk exposures.
• Represent TD in bank-wide and inter-departmental initiatives and processes.

f. Operations Management

• Create and lead multidisciplinary teams and ensure the overall quality of its work.
• Manage the performance of teams and individuals providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
• Provide coaching and mentoring to teams and individuals and ensure their on-going learning and development.
• Oversee effective day-to-day operations and provide guidance on operational issues and ADB policies.
• Inform and provide recommendations to the Treasurer of significant developments, emerging opportunities and challenges in areas of responsibility.
• Undertake the performance management of the division, including motivation of staff.
• Manage budget and resource allocation for the division, ensuring efficient allocation and utilization of resources, including staffing and training requirements.



You will need:

● Master’s degree, or equivalent in Business Administration, Finance, or related fields, or university degree in Business Administration, Finance, or related fields, and at least 10 years specialized experience relevant to the position can be considered
● At least 15 years of relevant international experience in treasury operations with sound knowledge of international economics, financial regulations and policies, asset liability and risk management, debt capital market, accounting and financial products including derivatives
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
● Proven management and leadership qualities
● International experience working in several countries
● Please refer to the link for ADB Competency Framework for International Staff Level 7.



ADB offers competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package. The salary will be based on ADB’s standards and comparator markets, taking into account your qualifications and experience.

· Paid leave (including parental)

· Medical and health benefits

· Life and other insurance plans

· Staff development

· Retirement plan

· Housing and education allowance (if applicable)

· Expatriate benefits (for international staff)


Additional Information


This is a fixed term appointment or assignment for senior staff, for a period of three (3) years. This opening is open to internal and external applicants.

If you are selected as an external candidate, the appointment may be extended for a period of up to 3 years per extension, or not renewed. In case of extension, staff may continue in the position for another term of up to 3 years.

At the end of the initial period, ADB, as its discretion may: (a) renew a fixed term appointment or assignment, or (b) not renew a fixed term appointment.

Fixed-term appointments or assignments for senior staff are subject to terms and conditions determined by ADB as indicated in all relevant policies.


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