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기관 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) 
프로그램 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Data Strategy Manager(자료 전략) 채용(~3.31) 
마감날짜 2023-03-31 
채용/마감 알림 마감 


Data Strategy Manager(New position)

Department: Fundraising
Position: Data Strategy Manager
Reports to: Fundraising Director
Recruitment Periods: 2023.03.06 ~ 2023.03.31


The primary purpose of the Data Strategy Manager is to ensure that the fundraising investments are effectively allocated and translate into high-quality income through a diversified market mix, including sources of substantial income and volume.

This function generates and analyzes quantitative and qualitative, internal and external data relevant to fundraising, and transforms them into strategic information to support decision-making, data driven actions, tactics, and strategies aiming to constantly maximize MSF Korea’s private fundraising results and identify new opportunities as well as challenges. His/her critical thinking should challenge the directions and performances of the different fundraising campaigns; and encourage each fundraising pillar to make data driven decisions.

  1. Develops and presents actionable insights, strategic recommendations and business intelligence from analytical output to support strategic decisions on investments and estimate revenue projections
  2. Is responsible for building and continuously developing a reporting system (reports, budget, dashboards and KPIs) for the fundraising department, to track results and allow team members to access and visualize the data
  3. Develops strategic analysis of developments of different donor portfolios and provides data-driven recommendations on the donor experience/journey
  4. Supports, supervises and appraises all aspects of the performance of staff under his/her supervision



  1. Strategic Planning
  2. In collaboration with the Fundraising Director and Fundraising Managers, develops actionable recommendations and business intelligence from analytical output to support strategic decisions on investments and the plan of actions
  3. Develops a comprehensive annual budget system and planning (including the provision of the calculation bases) and 4-year fundraising projections (RSA)
  4. Provides strategic advice to the fundraising team in the analysis/interpretation of metrics and special evaluations of the decision-making process and translates these to actionable advice backed up by data-driven measures
  5. Pro-actively signals, advises, inspires and steers on donor insights the Fundraising Director and Managers based on the data analytics
  6. Works with BI vendors for benchmark studies and participates in the strategic evaluation, post-processing and action plans derived from benchmark results


  1. Reporting & Analysis
  2. Is responsible for building and continuously developing a reporting system (reports and dashboards) for the Fundraising department as well as for the general direction
  3. Makes strategic and deep analysis with a marketing and business vision by identifying possible flaws or trends
  4. Works with the Fundraising Director and Managers to forecast the annual and monthly revenue based on historical data and action plans
  5. Makes targeted and actual reconciliation of revenue and expenditure
  6. Identifies causes for deviations and advises on the need for action
  7. Illustrates data graphically and translates complex findings into written text, reports and presentations
  8. Analyzes MSFK data and benchmark against the market and/or other MSF offices
  9. Identifies opportunities for improvement of the MSF database to improve the quality of reports and analyses


  1. Donor behavior
  2. Develops and creates the donor profile analysis with the Fundraising Managers
  3. Provides data-driven recommendations on the donor journey through analysis of revenue generating and retention activities
  4. Creates a statistical model that forecasts discontinuation rates and trends and shares results with the Fundraising Managers
  5. Proposes a customized and automated retention journey in line with donors’ interests and behavior to deepen our donors’ engagement
  6. Identifies active mid-level donors for an upgrade through active data mining, rating and ranking
  7. Supports Fundraising Managers to identify and qualify new prospects by research and analysis based on DB


  1. Data processes and systems
  2. Develops the BI structure of MSF Korea fundraising (including the definition of calculated fields required to ensure the correct link between the data warehouse and CRM)
  3. Identifies opportunities to optimize data processing, automation and interpretation.
  4.  Conducts modeling with high accuracy and applicability to answer key business needs
  5.  Improves data segmentation and uses segments to maximize results
  6. Develops strategic segmentation proposals and continuous optimization based on the analyzes
  7. Leads and manages the end-to-end DB process related to campaigns according to the different needs per target segment: creation of the segments according to ad-hoc criteria, creation of statistically significant test groups, allocation of the various packages, generation of address files, tests
  8. Leads and manages the end-to-end process for the rental of prospects lists for acquisition mailings: briefing of the consultant mandated for the purchase, selection and management of the supplier in charge of the data deduplication and supervision of the whole process
  9. Optimizes data processes (incl. campaign management and marketing automation)
  10.  Collects, records and disseminates information relevant to MSF fundraising business
  11. Identifies opportunities for improvement of the MSF database to improve the quality of reports and analyses
  12. Be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of data and reports to meet high quality standards
  13. Ensures that data stored in the systems are well protected, data privacy policy is being followed and improved security mechanism


  1. People management  
  2. Sets individual performance objectives, does performance appraisals, and ensures that staff is accountable to MSFK internal policy
  3. Interviews, hires, trains and coaches new employees under his/her supervision
  4. Monitors if his/her performance is stable and find possible solutions when there is a problem
  5. Ensures personal and professional development by proposing training when necessary
  6. Provides mentorship to the team
  7. Supervises and monitors the full completion of duties and determines priorities


  1. Other
  2. Proposes, manages and supports any BI related projects
  3. Manages the demands in an appropriate manner, prioritizing properly and respecting the deadlines
  4. Actively participates in the international data analysis working group



Essential skills and experience

  • A college or university degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics or related fields
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience in fundraising data analysis or business data analysis



  • Demonstrated proficiency with entire BI and stats tools and systems
  • Demonstrated proficiency with data modelling and segmentation
  • Demonstrated proficiency with reports and dashboards development
  • Must possess knowledge of direct marking and statistical principals as well as data management


Skills and competences

  • Commitment to the values, principles and MSF’s social mission
  • Advanced knowledge of database uploads and extractions, data manipulation, data modelling, segmentation and Business Intelligence tools (i.e. SQL, Excel Query, Tableau, Google Analytics and Microsoft Analysis Services)
  • Advanced level in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Strong data-processing and information management skills
  • Heavy analytics, information system and data science skills
  • Highly organized with strong project management skills
  • Critical thinker, confident to transform data and information into structured systems and reports
  • Creative problem solver, with meticulous attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills, capacity to work both independently and with a dynamic team
  • Fluent in Korean and English


Desirable skills and experience

  • Experience in NPO
  • Experience in managing people


If you are interested in this position, please send your motivation letter and CV in English to HR Department at: 
Application Deadline: This position will be closed when the candidate is finalized. Please submit your application at your earliest convenience. 
We will contact the selected candidate within 2 weeks after the submission date. 











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1309 2023.03.07 GCF(인천) Infrastructure Consultant(인프라 전문가) 채용(~3.18) 2023-03-18  마감 
1308 2023.03.10 BIS(국제결재은행)(스위스 바셀) (국제 인턴십) 2023 Graduate Internship Programme (Financial Stability) 채용(~4.17) 2023-04-17  마감 
1307 2023.03.09 World Bank 산하 MIGA(서울) (한국인) Operations Analyst, GE 채용(~3.17) 2023-03-17  마감 
1306 2023.03.08 (KOICA관련 사업) 국제이주기구(IOM) 에티오피아 사무소 프로젝트 매니저 채용(~3.16) file 2023-03-16  마감 
1305 2023.03.11 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Digital Fundraising Manager(디지털 펀드레이싱) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1304 2023.03.10 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Sr. Philanthropy Manager(박애 전문가) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
» 2023.03.08 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Data Strategy Manager(자료 전략) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1302 2023.03.09 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Acquisition Specialist (획득 전문가) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1301 2023.03.09 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Donor Cultivation Officer(후원자 개발) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1300 2023.03.09 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Legacy Advisor (유산기부 전문가) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1299 2023.03.09 MSF(국경없는의사회)(서울) (한국인) Media Relations Lead(미디어) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1298 2023.03.08 주UN대한민국대표부(뉴욕) 일반직 행정직원 채용(~3.19) file 2023-03-19  마감 
1297 2023.04.10 UN ESCAP APCICT(인천) (한국인) TEAM ASSISTANT, G3 채용(~5.4) 2023-05-04  마감 
1296 2023.03.19 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Social Development Specialist(사회개발) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1295 2023.03.19 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Environment Specialist(환경 전문가) 채용(~3.31) 2023-03-31  마감 
1294 2023.03.10 Amnesty International 한국지부 사무처(서울) (한국인) 개인후원자개발 프로젝트 담당자 채용(~3.19) 2023-03-19  마감 
1293 2023.03.10 ASEAN-Korea Centre(서울) (한국인) 회계담당 Finance Officer(재무) 채용(~3.15) 2023-03-15  마감 
1292 2023.03.10 UN Women(서울) (한국인) External Relations Programme Consultant (대외관계) 채용(~3.15) 2023-03-15  마감 
1291 2023.03.11 아시아산림협력기구(AFoCO) 사무국(서울) (한국인) Administration and Secretary Officer (GS 1) 채용(~3.19) file 2023-03-19  마감 
1290 2023.03.11 아시아산림협력기구(AFoCO) 사무국(서울) (한국인) Implementation and Monitoring Officer (GS 1) 채용(~3.19) file 2023-03-19  마감 
1289 2023.03.11 UN ESCAP(인천) Consultant in Trade (International)(무역) 채용(~3.19) 2023-03-19  마감 
1288 2023.03.12 AIIB(아시아인프라투자은행) Policy and Data Associate(정책) 채용(~3.20) 2023-03-30  마감 
1287 2023.03.12 ADB(아시아개발은행) Principal Financial Management Specialist(재무관리) 채용(~3.24) 2023-03-24  마감 
1286 2023.03.12 ADB(아시아개발은행) IT Specialist (Technical Security) 채용(~3.24) 2023-03-24  마감 
1285 2023.03.12 ADB(아시아개발은행) Senior Investment Specialist(투자) 채용(~3.24) 2023-03-24  마감 
1284 2023.03.12 GGGI(서울) (초급) Associate, Climate Action and Inclusive Development Unit(기후 개발) 채용(~3.23) 2023-03-23  마감 
1283 2023.03.11 (KOICA지원사업) GGGI(아디스아바바) Project Assistant, Administration & Logistics 채용(~3.21) 2023-03-21  마감 
1282 2023.03.13 GCF(인천) Organizational Development Lead 채용(~4.2) 2023-04-02  마감 
1281 2023.03.15 EBRD(유럽개발은행)(런던) Analyst Knowledge Management(지시관리분석가) 채용 (한국인후임 선발 공고)(~3.24) 2023-03-24  마감 
1280 2023.03.15 Open Society Foundations(서울) (한국인) Program Manager, Fiscal Justice(경제) 채용(~3.23) 2023-03-23  마감