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기관 주한영국문화원(서울) 
프로그램 주한영국문화원(서울) Sales and Customer Management 직원 채용(~3.6) 
마감날짜 2024-03-06 
채용/마감 알림 마감 



Sales and Customer Management Executive

Date: 20 Feb 2024

Location: Seoul, East Asia, KR

Company: British Council

We support peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide.

We work directly with individuals to help them gain the skills, confidence and connections to transform their lives and shape a better world in partnership with the UK. We support them to build networks and explore creative ideas, to learn English, to get a high-quality education and to gain internationally recognised qualifications.

Working with people in over 200 countries and territories, we are on the ground in more than 100 countries. In 2021–22 we reached 650 million people.

Role Purpose:


  • To ensure a high quality, efficient integrated customer service experience for all new and existing students across the British Council Teaching Centre.
  • To act as British Council’s ambassador and provide top quality services to all

new and existing customers meeting all Key Performance Indices and deliver

Sales & Customer Management targets to enable the British Council to meet its business targets and objectives. 

Main accountabilities but not limited to the following: 


Sales & Customer Management (75%)


New registration and Re-registration of students for Teaching Centre sales


  • Be accountable for monthly sales and re-registration rate targets and monitor class fill
  • Close the sale, maximising enrolment and protecting target achievement
  • Be accountable for refund requests of sales made and minimize the refunds
  • Proactively present accurate and relevant Selling Points and Unique Selling Points on services offered by British Council Korea
  • Be the Single Point of Contact for prospects, guiding them through the journey from first enquiry to final sale
  • Maximise opportunities for cross selling and up selling
  • Register/waitlist students in appropriate classes and details are entered on the British Council system accurately
  • Follow up on customers who book placement tests but do not turn up, and customers who test but do not place


Customer Face-to-Face Duties

  • Evaluate accurate English proficiency level for students by administering and delivering placement tests when necessary
  • Provide face-to-face consultations to all customers in the centre by finding out their needs, issues and concerns in a warm, professional manner
  • Be the first point of contact at Front of House for refund request and resolve all complaints/feedback
  • Ensure that all records are updated and maintained accurately in a timely manner from time to time
  • Handle cash desk accurately in the system and payments received correctly for course/placement test registration and other products/services
  • Distribute promotion materials to customers


Other Customer Liaison and Follow Up

  • Revisit lapsed students via phone to reintroduce them to our products (warm calling)
  • Conduct phone based surveys from time to time on why students did not register with us or return to us.
  • Follow up with existing students on incidents e.g. absent / movement and cancellation or failing students
  • Arrange and support meetings with teachers and translation
  • Ensure that all existing customers (in the case of Younger Learners – their parents) are informed of re-registration periods in writing, telephone calls and class visits in a timely manner.
  • Provide post-sales customer management support to all Teaching Centre students as required from time to time in a professional manner meeting Council KPIs


Telephone & Email Enquiries


  • Maximise conversion rates of enquiries to sales figures by communicating features and benefits of British Council offers, convincing and persuading prospects to enrol
  • Handle enquires from new and existing students meeting British Council standards


Support Duties (15%)


Product Knowledge

  • Acquire and maintain an excellent level of product knowledge at all times
  • Liaise and train via product owners will be a necessary part of this with a proactive approach required at all times
  • Observe classes and hands-on experience of the product is required


Offer Knowledge

  • Acquire and maintain an excellent level of pricing, discounting and offer or package knowledge at all times in order to be able to counsel and guide students in their study pathways
  • Liaise and train via sales and business managers will be required—a proactive approach, including input and feedback from frontline customer experience is expected
  • Acquire and maintain an excellent level of pricing, discounting and offer or package knowledge of competitors to include mystery shopping exercises to gather market intelligence


Other duties


  • Administrative duties in support of the team’s operation or any other duties as assigned by the line manager
  • Attend at regular professional development, training and skills programmes as required
  • Engage fully with the performance management programme
  • Monitor equipment and furniture in FOH area to ensure in good working

order/condition and stationary stock check in all classroom

  • Ensure that all databases and reports are updated and recorded in timely, accurate manner


Project Work (10%)


  • Participate in projects as agreed in the performance management and professional development


Other Responsibilities and Main Duties


As part of the wider Sales and Customer Services team serving both new and existing customers you will be required to support and assist your colleagues from time to time in tasks that ensure the smooth running of the Teaching Centre. This might include registering students, participation at Open Days, Parent Events, Seminars, Evening Receptions and Offsite Branch and Examination Promotions, for example.


Role specific knowledge and experience:


  • Experience of working in a customer service/sales environment

(and/or in the same industry)


  • Working experience in a young learners’ educational institution is preferred
  • Experience of working with children
  • Experience of safe planning, organisation, and delivery of activities for children

Role specific skills

  • Effective communication and engagement with children and their families
  • Ability to work in a way that promotes the safety and well-being of children


Further Information:


Pay Band: Grade J

Contract Type: Indefinite

Location: Seoul



  • Candidates must have the right to live and work in the country in which the role is based.
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Written and oral communications skills in English (IELTS AC module 6.5)
  • Fluent in Korean
  • The British Council systems and global processes operate in English. Written and verbal proficiency in English is required.

Closing Date: 6 March 2023- 23:59 Singapore Time (GMT +8)



A connected and trusted UK in a more connected and trusted world.


Equality , Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Statement


The British Council is committed to policies and practices of equality, diversity and inclusion across everything we do. We support all staff to make sure their behaviour is consistent with this commitment.  We want to address under representation and encourage applicants from under-represented groups, in particular, but not exclusively, on grounds of ethnicity and disability.  All disabled applicants who meet the essential criteria are guaranteed an interview and we have Disability Confident Employer Status. We welcome discussions about specific requirements or adjustments to enable participation and engagement in our work and activities.


The British Council is committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults who we work with.


We believe that all children and adults everywhere in the world deserve to live in safe environments and have the right to be protected from all forms of abuse, maltreatment and exploitation as set out in article 19, UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) 1989.


Appointment to positions where there is direct involvement with vulnerable groups will be dependent on thorough checks being completed; these will include qualification checks, reference checks, identity & criminal record checks in line with legal requirements and with the British Council’s Safeguarding policies for Adults and Children.


If you have any problems with your application please email


Please note: Applications to this role can only be considered when made through the Apply section of our careers website. Our ‘ASK HR’ email is only to be used in case of a technical issue encountered when applying through the careers website. Emails with supporting statements and CV/Resumes sent to this email address will not be reviewed and will be deleted.






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